911 Prayer For My Wife

I am asking all to pray for my wife, she got some blood work back, Dr said come in now, you have some big problems. Also her other illness effecting her, she can not lift one leg. I have prayed and sat with her last 2 days, spending quality one on one time, thus have stopped all on line ministry the last 2 days, and hope to have a message soon, also due to pay pal changes it looks like for a month maybe 2 we will not have pay pal.

The only way our one supporter can give, or if anyone else is ever moved to do so, is as of Friday, by western union, money gram, both can be done on line with credit card, or USPS M.O. so this pay pal thing is another thing on our plate. Thank you, keep us in prayer at this time.

I did a time Management Video for the school, it is good for all to hear it, short , to the point from the Christina perceptive, I will post that, the school going well, no income, yet bit lives being changed , nations being taken for the Kingdom of God by the humble ministry amen.  all free, pay pal was essential for that, the lord is in full control amen. I hope this video may be of help to some in Christian time management, shot a few days ago.
P.S. the videos are so much better, Brother Bannister was able to donate a very nice  and needed camcorder, and wow, what a difference big time. PTL.
In Jesus '
Dr Dan 


  1. I have and will continue to pray for Peggy's health. Always praying. Lot's of changes going on here. We are in the middle of a move right now. Haven't forgotten you. Love in Jesus- SM


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