As Most Know I Post Word In Due Time Often, Just Today I Read Her Testimony, I Must Post It

I want to say first, I never read this before, It spoke to me like a thunder, I could 100% witness to what she faced, it has been almost the same with me, word for word. I posted a sermon," The Cost of The Anointing". Beloved, it will cost you everything. The call to speak truth, speak against false doctrine, the call to be a Watchman or Women , or a Prophet, it is this way it is, as you will read. I posted many times Leonard Ravihills , 'The Pitcher of A Prophet' it is the same thing. I have posted it a few time, with this testimony by my dear sister I will at the end post Ravinhills words , yet again, as it is so fitting. My own testimony, her testimony, and what Ravinhill says . It give the pitcher of the call and the way , the life, of one with the gift of Prophecy. I have said, the main call as a Prophet-Watchmen, is one to preach sound doctrine and to say repent, and expose false doctrine. It will win you no friends, but each has a call, and this indeed is a hard one, but worth every moment of Holy Anguish that comes with it.

You may have this call, you may be thinking " Is something wrong with me", I hope if that is you , you will see, no your OK, it is the lord at work.

To the others that do not understand, or even grasp such a call, I hope with this post you will get a clear pitcher of the call and a clear pitcher of a prophet, and the cost of the anointing.

Purification Fires -Testimony
Through the purification fires -Testimony: Christiena Boshoff (Lastrumpet08) – March 09, 2012

From 2004 Jesus put me through the purification fires. I did not understand it at that time, that He was preparing me for His Kingdom purpose and for service in His Kingdom. I do not know how to describe it, but it was not pleasant at all during that time. It was going on for many months. For days I could not eat, I ate very little but I was busy with Jesus most of the time, spending much time with Him, praying, seeking Him, asking Him if there was anything I had to make right, repent of. Jesus let the Holy Spirit Fire cleanse me through and through. I had to cooperate no matter how difficult it was some days. For weeks I could not leave our apartment, I could not. Nothing in the world was pleasant to me, I had no desire for worldly things. It felt like a fire was burning inside of me. Jesus comforted me all the time and taught me Himself. He would say to me in that time, things like “Never give up.” “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” “Nothing will hurt or harm you.” “Stay steadfast.” “Don’t give up.” “If you withdraw My soul will have no pleasure in you.” “Endure, press on harder.” “I am always with you.” “I will not fail you.” “I am in control.” “I love you and I care for you.” And many more things. I endured and pressed on during that time, it was not easy times, but it was good for me.

During that same time, one day I was standing in front of the TV, it was on the weather channel, I was watching the weather and I asked Jesus if there was anything in our place that was not pleasing to Him? Next thing the TV popped, it went dead. I told my husband what had happened. He took the TV went out and threw it in the dumpster. That was the end of TV in our home. That left us with even more time to spend with Jesus to keep our focus on Him and not get distracted.

Jesus also revealed many things about the future to me in dreams and visions. Jesus also revealed Himself to me a few times during that time. He was always there for me, to help and to sustain me. He never left me nor forsook me. There was also a time of silence, when I was tested to see if I would continue and not give up even when I did not hear His voice, had no dreams or visions. I just prayed more, was determined, persistent and continued to seek Jesus and told Him that I love Him and want to do His will.

During that time the devil attacked me. I will share my two healing miracles separately also. He was really trying to kill me. One day it was so bad, he tried to choke me, it felt like I could not breathe. I could not get any sound out, but I gave one shout, My husband could not understand what was going on he was downstairs and I was upstairs in my closet praying. He came running up the stairs and asked what was wrong. I could not get many words out. I said: “Pray the devil wants to kill me.” We did spiritual warfare and rebuked the devil, bound him in the Name of Jesus and he let go of me. I did not give up. I fought him off until he fled. He also attacked me with many lies. He was telling me that I am not good enough and that Jesus would never use me and would not speak to me again. I am a failure. I will not be able to work in English (which is not my home language), not good enough. I had to resist him with the truth until he would flee from me. I was physically worn out, exhausted. I lost a lot of weight. I did not want to leave the house. But I never gave up, I endured through it all. I was never tested beyond what I was able to bear and Jesus was there all the time to help me to endure.

One night Jesus said He is going to show me how He sees people. He took me in the Spirit to my neighbors, who were living in sin and doing very bad things. Jesus showed me He loves them and wants them to repent and come to Him to have life. He showed me how He sees the sinners, with compassion and love, not like we often do with judgment. He really loves and cares for them and wants them to repent. He did not die in vain.

The prophet in his day is fully accepted of God and totally rejected by men.

Years back, Dr. Gregory Mantle was right when he said, “No man

can be fully accepted until he is totally rejected.” The prophet of the Lord is aware of both these experiences.

They are his “brand name.”

The group, challenged by the prophet because they are smug and comfortably insulated from a perishing world in their warm but untested theology, is not likely to vote him “Man of the year” when he refers to them as habituates of the synagogue of Satan!

The prophet comes to set up that which is upset. His work is to call into line those who are out of line! He is unpopular because he opposes the popular in morality and spirituality.

In a day of faceless politicians and voiceless preachers, there is not a more urgent national need than that we cry to God for a prophet!

The function of the prophet, as Austin-Sparks once said, “has almost always been that of recovery.”

The prophet is God’s detective seeking for a lost treasure. The degree of his effectiveness is determined by his measure of unpopularity.

Compromise is not known to him.
He has no price tags.
He is totally ‘otherworldly.’

He is unquestionably controversial and unpardonably hostile.
He marches to another drummer!
He breathes the rarefied air of inspiration.

He is a “seer” who comes to lead the blind.

He lives in the heights of God and comes into the valley with a“thus saith the Lord.”
He shares some of the foreknowledge of God and so is aware of impending judgment.
He lives in ‘splendid isolation.’

He is forthright and outright, but he claims no birthright.

His message is “repent, be reconciled to God or else…!”

His prophecies are parried.

His truth brings torment, but his voice is never void.

He is the villain of today and the hero of tomorrow.

He is excommunicated while alive and exalted when dead!

He is dishonored with epithets when breathing and honored with epitaphs when dead.

He is a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, but few ‘make the grade’ in his class.

He is friendless while living and famous when dead.

He is against the establishment in ministry; then he is established as a saint by posterity.

He eats daily the bread of affliction while he ministers, but he feeds the Bread of Life to those who listen.

He walks before men for days, but has walked before God for years.

He is a scourge to the nation before he is scourged by the nation.

He announces, pronounces, and denounces!

He has a heart like a volcano and his words are as fire.

He talks to men about God.

He carries the lamp of truth amongst heretics while he is lampooned by men.

He faces God before he faces men, but he is self-effacing.

He hides with God in the secret place, but he has nothing to hide in the marketplace.

He is naturally sensitive but supernaturally spiritual.

He has passion, purpose and pugnacity.

He is ordained of God but disdained by men.

Our national need at this hour is not that the dollar recover its strength, or that we save face over the Watergate affair, or that we find the answer to the ecology problem.

We need a God-sent prophet!

I am bombarded with talk or letters about the coming shortages in our national life: bread, fuel, energy. I read between the lines from people not practiced in scaring folk. They feel that the “seven years of plenty” are over for us. The “seven years of famine” are ahead.

But the greatest famine of all in this nation at this given moment, is


Millions have been spent on evangelism in the last twenty-five years.

Hundreds of gospel messages streak through the air over the nation every day.

Crusades have been held; healing meetings have made a vital contribution.

Come-outers” have “come out” and settled, too, without a nation-shaking revival. Organizers we have. Skilled preachers abound. Multi-million dollar Christian organizations straddle the nation.

BUT where, oh where, is the prophet?

Where are the incandescent men fresh from the holy place?
Where is the Moses to plead in fasting before the holiness of the Lord for our moldy morality, our political perfidy, and sour and sick spirituality?


They will come.

The prophet is violated during his ministry, but he is vindicated by history.

There is a terrible vacuum in evangelical Christianity today.
The missing person in our ranks is the prophet.
The man with a terrible earnestness.

The man totally otherworldly. The man rejected by other men, even other good men, because they consider him too austere, too severely committed, too negative and unsociable.

Let him be as plain as John the Baptist.

Let him for a season be a voice crying in the wilderness of modern theology and stagnant “churchianity.”

Let him be as selfless as Paul the apostle.

Let him, too, say and live, “This ONE thing I do.”

Let him reject ecclesiastical favors.

Let him be self-abasing, nonself-seeking, nonself-projecting, nonself-righteous, nonself-glorying, nonself-promoting.

Let him say nothing that will draw men to himself but only that which will move men to God.

Let him come daily from the throne room of a holy God, the place where he has received the order of the day.

Let him, under God, unstop the ears of the millions who are deaf through the clatter of
shekels milked from this hour of material mesmerism.

Let him cry with a voice this century has not heard because he has seen a vision no man in this century has seen.

God send us this Moses to lead us from the wilderness of crass materialism,where the rattlesnakes of lust bite us and where enlightened men,totally blind spiritually, lead us to an ever-nearing Armageddon.

God have mercy! Send us PROPHETS!

When a prophet is accepted and deified, his message is lost.

The prophet is only useful so long as he is stoned as a public nuisance

calling us to repentance, disturbing our comfortable routines, breaking our respectable idols, shattering our sacred conventions.”-A. G. Gardiner.

The function of the Prophet has almost invariably been that of recovery.

That implies that his business is related to something lost.

That something being absolutely essential to God’s full satisfaction, the dominant note of the Prophet was one of dissatisfaction. And, there being the additional factor that, for
obvious reasons, the people were not disposed to go the costly
way of God’s full purpose, the Prophet was usually an unpopular person.”-T. Austin Sparks.

Those whom God calls to such a ministry – and a call is essential –must be prepared for a pathway of unpopularity and misunderstanding.
You troubler of Israel” was the way Ahab addressed Elijah.”
-Arthur Wallis.