Fear Not-Fear Is Out Of Control, Plus The Prophecy Of The Virus, But Fear Not, Some Really Need to Read This

Omen? Government says all U.S. healthcare facilities need to be ready for Ebola: here’s the checklist

September 2014 – HEALTH – While government officials and top doctors have maintained that they don’t think Ebola will become a widespread issue in the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending all health care facilities in the country “be prepared for managing patients with infectious diseases such as Ebola virus disease.” Issuing a facility preparedness “checklist,” the CDC recommended that facilities begin reviewing their infection control policies and procedures now. “Facilities should also define the individual work practices that will be required to detect the introduction of a patient with [Ebola virus disease] or other emerging infectious disease, prevent spread and manage the impact on patients, the facility and staff,” the CDC wrote. Here are some of the recommendations straight from the checklist:

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The rest of the news on this is at link, I did not feel it was worth posting, as the lord has been speaking to my heart, and I recently said, this is the Virus that the lord showed me in a vision in fall of 2013 esp.. It is on this site, several places, the lord warned of a virus. I did not know until recent this was it, and it is it. The Virus that will cause many, many deaths.

The fact the CDC, love the CDC LOL. Is saying this well... I am not into that stuff anymore, but could say a lot. I am staying with the word, prayer and that is it.

Part of the birth pains speaks of pestilence, this is the one that is coming, one of them. I know know with out doubt, in prayer I keep getting it.

The birth pains, and there shall pestilence in various places.......

I cover how to approach virus's of all kinds on my herbal blog, all anti viral and anti Biotic herbs in detail. I no longer do that blog, but the information is all on it. I put it back in the links section, as I know as a master Herbalist, this info posted is now needed more than ever.

I also wanted to talk about fear.

My wife has a Christian friend, she was taking my wife to a Dr appointment, the lady was in great fear, she said to my wife, " I hope we can hurry, because I want to get home as fast as I can so I can Hide under the bed, because ISIS is going to attack us any time".

Quote, and she was not kidding. The women like many Christians, have fox news on 24/7 this lady has three T.V.'s and she has fox news on lit. day and night. My wife when she is over there, said, " I can not take it, the news , the spin, the fear, dear lord, I have to get out of this place".

TPTB, will always spin via all media out lets what they want you to fear, or are in the know about. True or false attack. It is being spread and people in our town are fear stricken, I mean fear like I have never seen. Listen reader, I have said so many times, turn off the news, we know whats coming, we do not need a play by play, in put equals out put.

Fear is of the Devil, the flesh, the control masters, fear, fear, and more fear. Net work news , printed publications, movies, all, we are going to be attack and very fast.

Listen, the lord has already been saying a while now, Judgments are on us and coming, the rod of correction is ready, they are tipping the scale right now, order out of chaos, the new world order.

It matters not what, when, who, how, nothing can happen that our sovereign Lord does not allow, this must be understood, the sovereignty of our lord. He is the one that says yes, or no. To world events, judgment, and in our private prayer closet. He is sovereign, now if you can get a hold of this neglected truth ,you will not, as a Christian be in any fear at all.

We do not fear man that can kill our body, we fear God the sovereign, that can kill body and soul. We do not fear anything. When a big event happens at first, everyone will be in fear and panic, with the Christian this is normal, we just do not stay in that mode, no fear, if you know God, His Character, know his word, and are one of his, you have no reason to fear anything.

I still see, and get emails, from people that are scared to death, it is getting worse, this is an un- holy distraction.

Today we are to have Joy, when stuff happens we are to be full of joy, faith, trust, when it all comes down, faith, trust, joy, after, the same.

May it start today and may it never end until we reach Glory.
This is for you reader, it is the bible , it is the word of the lord, FEAR NOT, one for everyday and leap year, think, our sovereign lord put this in the word for a reason? He knows all, he sees all, and if you are one of his, you are not called to wrath, you are not called to fear. Think on this, and get your peace and joy back, live life while your alive, joy in the lords presence and in his holy word, he has everything covered.

For God has not given us a spirit of fear (timidity), but of power, love and a sound mind (self control) 2 Tin 1:7