Great New Update On The 100% Free Bible School, Amazing Things Going On.

The School is going very well. The school now has board members that are dept heads, one a full teacher Dr Zeria PHD, has been give over 100% the School on Christian Counseling. That is a huge blessing to have DR. PHD as the professor of the department. I set it all up and it is all done, aside from some videos. A new Catalog, and a few students.

The big PTL is this, a couple men in Africa that are F.T. Ministers and over see several Churches, have had a dramatic, true great awakening. They are 100% changed men, I know we email almost every day. The lord touched them, and has made them so changed, exited they are sharing what they have learned-ed , the material, and the one on one mentoring I have been blessed to pour into them.

These an are having an effect on hundreds. It only takes one person, in one area to bring about great change, and it is happening right now.

The new longer video explains the changes in the school and new things done. A person donated specificity for the school , his donation allowed me to get a needed embosser for the documents and a white board, so amen. The man , from Africa, not rich, he just believed in what the school is doing and wants to see it stay in Africa. I fully explain none of us make a dime, as my regulars know, I am all about free.

Pray for this awakening, revival, outbreak of spiritual power in Africa. They have a different out break on their hands now and it is not a virus amen, but the lords Glory.

Free School link I will give, see the great changes and whats what.