I had To Repost This A Must See-The Sermon That Shocked Everyone. UNFORGETTABLE ENDING! -Jeff Derbin

Since I first posted this amazing word, I found out Jeff Durbin , was being all things to all men, he was speaking to a post modern crowd, keep this in mind as you see this, it is the Gospels message what it means. No compromise and to a post Modern conference , note what he says in love, but a hard , real, truth. Me and Peggy watch this one time a week. I have added to the school in two degrees it is super important for every true Christian to watch, listen to this. Those that are hungry will watch .
I looked at the reads the past moth, and so far this year, number one about the possible collapse of economy by the Jewish teacher, the other top reads same kind of stuff.
I was in prayer on this. The lord said, his true remnant ones are growing so small in America it is a true 911 issue at hand.

The students in America are mostly un -teachable, not other countries,, open, humble ready, hungry, I see from the school, the reads of this site, emails and phone calls, the American remnant is shrinking as fast as events are happening, I wept hard and the lord said, as he did to Jer. Do not weep anymore for these people, it is done, the prophecy is done, weep no more. That is alarming, but it is what the lord said.
The separation complete, the line in the sand has been drawn, many have fallen to mystical Christianity, astrology and other things, desperate for a word, a revelation, anything, but not sound doctrine.

Are you one reader, are you a sold out Jesus person, following hard after the lord? I pray you are. This message, teaching is like sitting in the book of acts and hearing the Gospel, what it is preached in love and truth as I have never heard, I ask all to watch this . Please.

Words when It was first posted were,

I just found this minister. I was watching it, and thought at first, ' Oh No post- modern stuff', but he opened his bible, something most post- modern preachers , teachers do not even do, use the bible.

 I was so gripped by all he said, I must say, I never heard of this man before, I was stunned, blessed, blown away. I watched more by him. I have never heard any one doing what he is doing, you simple have to watch this sermon-teaching, to a post modern crowd I think, Holy Cow.

I felt like the Apostle Paul himself was speaking. It is so clear, so simple, yet so profound. I would say this is the best find I have found in a few years. I plea for ALL to stop, listen to this message it is simple, wild, and one minister I found not one fault, all in context, Hay, I even found errors in David Wilkerson's content, this  is the first minister I have ever heard , that 100% of what is says is perfect, with out fault, and 100% bible, context.

His stories and the ending is nothing short of something I, and many, have never seen before, true evidence of his work in front line ministry, abortion clinics, and the story , wow, preaching in the Mormon Church, leading hundreds maybe thousands to Christ, Jehovah witnesses, much more.

The message is so true, It put such clarity in me.

As an Evangelist who always did this type of ministry I cried hard, I so desirer to minister on the streets , anywhere, as I always did. It is all different, no people. I asked the lord, " Lord why, why have you put me in the desert solitude, my burden , the passion, the fire in my bones and no out let aside from events that did not pan out', yet, a delay, so  only out let on line.

 I use what the lord gives, but I am all about off line ministry, " The lord said,

 "I have given you a small open door to reach more people on- line than you could in a life time, you have been broken, humbled,  I told you , showed you, openly, in visions, prophecy and more, plainly what will be in the desert home mission, it will be, very soon, all I told you and shown you, it is my perfect will for you to be right where you are at, a day is coming when you will see all I showed you wait and keep at on line ministry , reaching the nations with the Gospel-One heart at a time, so many one hearts, you will, never know the impact of the on- line ministries I gave until you are in Glory".

I found great comfort in this, but I cried hard  still,  this message was what did it to me, my call, my evangelism,  people, not a machine. But to the one one hearts I will see one day in glory This one is for you.

Remnant bride this one is for you, Please watch this, you will hear, see, why I am saying such things. If you have ever watched a sermon by anyone I have ever posted, this is the one to see.

Peace, peace in Jesus , move in your gifts and callings now beloved, whatever it is, in Peace, peace, I speak Peace to you reader.

 Published on Apr 22, 2014

Pastor Jeff Durbin was a keynote speaker at the 2014 IGNITE Conference. He was asked to speak about proclaiming the Gospel. What happened in the sermon shocked everyone in the room and there wasn't a dry eye in the place. This sermon will challenge you to your core and we hope you would feel led to share it with everyone you know.

This has never been done before. Watch it to see.

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