I have said, I am fasting from all news, all. I had no idea, aside from Ebola, the floods that hit American soil, one person says this is a first, never before. The prophecy said, the worse winter on record, it happened, next would be floods , they are happening, a virus it is on us, Ebola is air born . Fact, looked it up, also Ebola, this new strain has never been seen before. I did an update on a post, I will say it again. Ebola, this is the virus I saw.

Beloved the lord still speaks and warns his holy bride of things before they happen, so far its happening.

The Ca St. Drought, note in video, in one week the dramatic % increase , one week. Other USA places are in drought, also spoken of. I honestly did not know any of this.
I was on you tube to upload a student video and saw the YT user I normally, not always, of late post. Sadly at the end my friend Steve Quayle speaks, but a man of half truths in this it is correct half truths.

I do not follow this stuff, I said just recent, if your in the know, you do not  need a play by play. I mean all I have said. I saw this by pure accident, watched it and I like these pro videos, wow, I had no idea what was going on. But I clearly saw so many things in it the lord foretold his bride I had to post it. So, birth pains , they increase, and fast, time is late, but the lord foretold us of this. Be at peace, no fear, pray for all the ones in these areas in the video. 

I pray people clearly see, God still speaks, this was all foretold before it happened by the God who still speaks.

Lord bless. Peace, no fear, to those not in the know, that is why I post it now. Wake up.