Market Collapse then New World Order in 2015?- I Just Learned Of This Minister Tonight Sounds Like The Real deal

What his words say about this short video,
 A long-time financial adviser named Harvey Organ claims that claims that because of insufficient gold in the central banks of USA and UK, that Shanghai would bring about exposing this and that this would lead to a massive, overnight, rise in the price of gold and silver, diminished value of their currencies. He states a market collapse will occur before the end of 2014, that the petroyuan will replace the petrodollar, and that a Chinese led New World Order will be in place for 2015. Is this possible? Where does the leader of the 'New World Order' come from? What does the Bible teach?

He seems all bible and teaches bible prophecy. Same thing 2015 we will see, love how un- like many who do this stuff, he uses a lot of the bible , in context excellent from what I have seen so far.
 Published on Sep 21, 2014