Minister 2 Minister new series-Subject- Totem pole Churchanity and the scars of service

This is video one in a long, new series, mentoring for the school, it is suitable for anyone in any leadership ministry.
The series will be me pouring my self into the vids, about ministry, leadership things. I think this is a good thing to do.
This is a very different kind of video.

This is good for all Christians to watch.
I have been doing so many videos , fast, time is short to do so. I was thinking I am shooting so many videos I am starting to feel like the movies, " The Truman Story" LOL.

Urgent, all is urgent, This video will speak to you if you have been wounded by dictatorial ministers, we are not to lord over the flock, but be example. No Totem poles in the Kingdom of Christ and no spiritual dictators. amen.

The mark of a true servant is scars and most of all Humility.

NOTE: the virus prophecy the lord gave his bride is on us it is being fulfilled before our eyes .
Time is urgent beloved so, urgent. Press on do not give up, or give into fear.