There Was A Death In My Family-My PC Died

Well......think it is time for a proper burial for my old desk top. This was the last, crash and burn the old thing can take.  I can laugh now, but I had to grieve for 2 days. LOL.

The bad thing is, it left me no memories, meaning, I lost , yet again, all data, works, research, folders, Oh my, well. As I write this I am on the old, slow but the PTL lap top given a while back.

It will take me days to sort this out, wow.

The school, I did not do a back up in a month, and my books working on, so , I have a real big , long thing to deal with.

The electrician was on the mission again doing work, the power was off a full day, get this, he did not attach the water , thus we were in a situation, no water, we were in a mini dry survival run, we failed, I will not again.

I only have milk jugs, but a lot of them, this was a real wake up call. The lord has been speaking top me about such things, what I can do, do. So what about you? Learn from my mistake, this dry run , it was like a Disaster happened, you never know, if not ready ....well... you, me, we will be sorry. A lesson learned, so keep me in prayer while I sort this mess out, and my wife still waiting her results, but still very, very sick Ok.
I wonder if it's Ok, or even in the bible, to give a PC Last Rites?  Any Priest contact me and let me know, OK thank you . I now have water, so Holy water is at hand, LOL.
Thank- you Dan and Peg