Biblical Management Principles-By Henry Dolly Student B. of Min.

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Biblical Management Principles

To Dr. Dan Abaldo Dean

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By Henry Dolly Student B. of Min.


To aspire to leadership is an honorable ambition. (I Timothy 3:1) The greatest example of leadership we have is the Lord Jesus Christ. Leadership is the process of accomplishing God's purposes and plans through proper use of human, material, and spiritual resources. To be a leader is a great responsibility. We must teach, love, guide and care for the people that follow us. We must promote and expand the gospel to all people. We must live a holy life and be great examples of God's word and his truth. We must be great managers and leaders of the church. God anoints us to leadership. And the Holy Spirit equips us with gifts to fulfill what God has for us to do.

1. How leaders should guide others and be anointed of God:

Good management skills are important, to be successful, you have to have a purpose and a plan that is inline with God's plan. You need to know where you are going and why you are going so you can communicate it to others and guide them. If you have and give good direction, there will be no confusion in any situation. Making spur of the moment decisions or deciding things on your own will only cause problems. Decisions will shape the destiny of your ministry. You need to make good decisions with the guidance of God. We have to have priorities, strategies and plans for the future. This helps us to manage funds, material possessions, people and spiritual gifts for the work of God's kingdom. If we do, then when urgent matters arise, we can will not be taken off guard and just react to the situation. We will be able to consult with God, move forwards from the crisis and be in harmony with his will and intent. When God opens a door we need to walk through and face any challenge. That door might not be open long and when it closes, it might not open again. Managers have two gifts that are important, leadership and administration. A person with good administration skills can direct, organize and make sound decisions on the behalf of others. A person with good leadership can set plans and goals inline with God's purpose and motivate others to accomplish them for the glory of God. These two gifts work well together.

 The most important thing for leaders is to be anointed by the Holy Spirit. Without the anointing of God you cannot effectively lead, organize, mobilize, or evangelize. You do not experience the anointing by being ordained by an organization or denomination. The anointing for leadership comes from God. God does not anoint on the basis of intelligence, education, experience, abilities or outward appearance. It is based on the attitude of the heart. God anoints people to specific spiritual offices, positions, and callings. God gives different spiritual gifts and callings to believers. You must know your personal calling of God, your spiritual gifts, and your specific purpose in God's plan in order to walk in the anointing of the Holy Spirit. A lot of leaders fail because they do not recognize this fact. They try to perform ministries to which they have neither been called or anointed. The anointing is given to leaders to enable them to fulfill God's purposes. The anointing gives you the wisdom to lead others instead of needing to be led. As a leader, you must experience the priestly anointing of holiness and be set apart for the service of God. You must live in harmony with God's Word. The anointing destroys the spiritual yokes which bind the men and women that you minister to.

 These yokes will not be destroyed by education, counseling, or organization. They will be destroyed by the anointing of God by spiritual leaders who know how to bring the message of deliverance to those in bondage. Anointing by God for leadership is more important than education, talents, and experience. A leader has to have vision. He has to know his purpose in God's plan, be able to hear God's voice and know God's will and purposes. Vision allows a leader to look towards the future and believe God for great things ahead. He should be dependable, loyal, thorough, always striving for excellence in the work of God. When all the facts are presented, he must have the ability to make a swift and clear decision. He needs a sense of humor, to be able to see the funny side of things to help with difficult situations. He needs to have courage, not be fearful, when he is faced with opposition from Satan or man. He must be creative and original, open to be inspired by the Holy Spirit to new ways of doing things and new ideas. God's ways and our ways are usually much different. Leaders must develop a humble, compassionate, serving spirit and lead like a shepherd. 

There is no such thing as a self-made leader. Becoming leader can only be done by allowing the power of the Holy Spirit to work in your life. We must lead like a servant. Leading like a servant is what Jesus did. A servant is one who serves others in humbleness, dedication, and love. The power of servant-hood is that it humbles a person to the point that he can be used by God. As a Christian leader, you are under the authority of God. In order to serve, Jesus became obedient to the father. Yield all of these things to God and humble yourself. Humbling yourself is something you do, not something God does. When you become a servant it is no longer your will, but God's will. Human wisdom is not sufficient to make good decisions and lead others. You must have wisdom from God to be a successful leader.

2. The characteristics and fruits of a good leader:

There are four basic requirements for all good leaders. They must be born again, be a true believer in Jesus Christ. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit so they will be a powerful witness of God. Be called and be anointed to be a leader. Be spiritually mature, having a good personal relationship with the Lord including good prayer and Bible study habits. They should be showing fruits of the spirit. The gifts of the Holy Spirit are for power. The fruit of the Holy Spirit is for character. Spiritual fruit is evidence of spiritual maturity. Just as fruit takes time to develop in the natural world, spiritual fruit takes time to develop. It is the product of natural growth in the life of the Spirit. As leaders we need to have all the fruits of the spirit. We need to have gentleness, not strife or fighting towards others. We need to have goodness in our minds and hearts. We need to have meekness as we are disciplining people. We should show temperance in all we do. Have longsuffering as we deal with various situations. 

We should have peace as we work through trials, this will shut out confusion and give us victory. Have faith in God and his provisions. But above all we must do every thing in love. God is love and love works all things. There are five special leadership gifts or positions that work together in the ministry of the church. They are Apostle, they spread the gospel to new areas and start new churches. The evangelist preaches the gospel to unbelievers to make converts to expand the church. The prophet conveys special messages from god to the church through inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Teachers give instruction beyond what the evangelist provides, they lead people into spiritual maturity and train the faithful ones that are capable, to go forth to teach others. Pastors take on long term care and leading of the church. 

These positions where established for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ. (Ephesians 4:12) Other leadership positions within the church are elders, deacons and bishops. Their purpose is to assist those with special gifts of leadership. Man selects elders, deacons, and bishops, but those with the special leadership gifts are set in the church by God. Bishops and Elders should be above reproach, have self control, be hospitable and be able to teach. They should be patient, just and loving, whet dealing with others. They need to be stable in sound doctrine and be faithful to God. Deacons should be respected and be of good character, beyond reproach. Every believer also has a function in the church. Each believer has at least one spiritual gift that equips them to fulfill their function within the body of Christ. There are other gifts the Holy Spirit gives to believers. Such as speaking gifts: prophecy, teaching, exhortation, word of wisdom, and word of knowledge. Or of serving gifts: serving, helps, leadership, administration, giving, showing mercy, discerning of spirits, faith, and hospitality. And of sign gifts: Tongues, interpretation of tongues, miracles, and healings. All these individual gifts work together to fulfill God's will within the church. A leader must be able to guide and help others to mature spiritually. Be able to teach faithful followers sound doctrine. He must train followers so they will be able to teach others. He must be able to delegate authority and responsibility to accomplish the plans that are put into action. He must guide and help followers to develop their spiritual gifts and talents to serve others. He must teach them the importance of servitude. All believers are stewards of certain resources given by God.


The main requirement of a leader is that they are faithful: Anointing by God for leadership is more important than education, talents, and experience. Leaders are not made by oneself or by another person. But when it pleased God, who separated me from my mother's womb, and called me by his grace, (Galatians 1:15). When we enter into this position, we must remember we are representatives of God and his Kingdom. We must be faithful, loving, giving and obedient. We must lead through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit and through love.. His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. All the glory goes to God.


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