Holiness-Two Songs-Listen to and Pray, Also Main PC Back Up PTL.

The main PC Was down 3 weeks, wow. Have been using a lap top Deb from N.V. donated, it will serve the purpose when its lights out, with the solar unit for intake of those who come to the Goshen end time mission, it is close I can feel it in my  bones.

I was in a way forced to un- plug, while I did, much tome to pray, examine self and be restored in a few ways. The lords Holiness was as real as I can see my hand, The lord said, " Holy, Be ye Holy as I am Holy, let my glory and holiness fall and indwell you as never before, for I have come to set my people free, and breath new life into them, if they are willing"

I am in, are you.
I pray you are. Listen to these two classic songs, stop what your doing, listen, praise and embrace his holiness, these two son are Holy.

The bible says," Without holiness, no man will see God" do you want to see, experience the glory of Jesus Christ, do you really want to see with eyes wide open?Be ready for, conviction, humility, love, power, anointing, comfort and truth, do you want this? You can have it today open your eyes, fix your gaze on Jesus and you will see clear.

Not To Us O Lord - The Imperials

Rise Again Dallas home, set to the movie the passion great