Prophecy In The News-A Big Warning! EVERYTHING YOU KNOW IS ABOUT TO CHANGE 2014

Note I do not endorse all the you tube person puts up, this is news and it is not conspiracy, that I will cover, thus prophecy in the news.

Holy cow, you have got to see this. Repent for the end of things as we know it are at hand.
The New World order is on us, we are covered, IF we are one of his.

Prophecy in news, updates.
Prophecy in your face.

The You Tube users title, I have been yelling it from the house top, telling all, using all means we are in a true 911, the events are so near, and are going on today, little by little, but the end of America Judgment I keep hearing the lord say', "it has started, I am now fully allowing it, repent while you still can. Get back to sound doctrine, get away from the apostate church run, run from them, and get back to the Me, my word and holy, humble God fearing , fervent prayer. It's almost over as you know it. Judgment on America is on you, Judgments and events will escalate in, America, Spain, England and sadly more, much more in Africa. Be on your face. It is near, my holy judgments are let lose, it is time to make your stand, make your choice, who will you follow, false prophets, doctrine, teachers, or the holy bible, my holy letter to you, the line is in the sand, chose whom this day you will serve. Enough, enough, I spew out of my mouth this nation and many others. The utter fall is them , NOW. Game over. It now will start , things will alarm you, be not afraid, if you are one of my people, follow my voice not the voice of man, not a light false Gospel, but my real word. It will last forever, and it will never change.

This is the word of the lord given me. This words were given to me a whole ago, I have emailed many people I am mentoring in these areas be ready, be in prayer and watching for great events as never before are on us. I base nothing on a you tube video, this is just prophecy in the news and a true spiritual 911, I pray someone heeds today.