The Truth About The Book's Of Enoch-Yes Book's, Not A book But 5 Book's

I have long had a burden to wake up Christians and expose the fruitless deeds of darkness, such a topic is the Books of Enoch.
I found a very short video, so, so and a vid over 1 hr and it is great. If you want the facts, the truth about the book of Enoch, take the time to listen to the long video. I will post the short one first, long one second. To the right there is a link, a very good webpage that gives 100% proof the books of Enoch are lies. See the link to the right, it says in brief the whole issue. I challenge anyone who has fallen for this , and boy its viral all over the net , to at least hit the link and read the webpage, listen to the video, the long one and than you will know the facts. 
Link to the website that says it all,

video one- Stay Away from the Book of Enoch
Video two-The Case Against the Book of Enoch