Dr Tonny L Pic Was To Left From Kenya, Doing His Own Ministry Amen

Good-bye to Dr Tonny, he has been on the site, not heard from, was mentoring him a long time, he is on his own now and has a blog .  More off -line work, mostly youth ministry has a Facebook page and ministers on that also. still on college board, just a graduation of a sort, and a good long time brother, pray for Dr. Tony in Kenya, fine young man, people come, they go, like students , the teacher weeps, like this site, many new ones, older ones gone, change all the time, things change, some we like, most we do not, but we smile through the storm. I miss the old readers, many have moved on, the many that knew all about the wild journey and plan of this Goshen mission.but everyday new visitors from all over the world come to read, watch, listen, think, one heart at a time.
I no longer use a visitor widget, and now you no longer can use it , a security breach thing, I wonder, please comment if you have been around a while, I may not know it, any old saints that know about this journey, and all that has come to be, are you still around? please comment if you are, I wonder at times. I care, I pray, I humbly serve. I think only Deb from N.V. and Sue miller are part of the old ones LOL. if any others please comment OK.
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In Jesus 
Any prayer needs, anything, email or call. 

Pray for this dear saint.