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Survival Herbalism 1, Raising your Pain Threshold Posted by Danny Abaldo M. H.

The day is coming reader when all you will have are herbals no RX drugs , fact. Also, you can survive many things using certain herbs. This is a different post, not so much how to treat a symptom, or a medical use of a herb in detail, but a survival herbal post, a series I will be doing.

There are any reasons on would want to raise their pain thresh hold.

Are you a great homesteader, chop wood, and live a harsh out door life, well soon you will.

Most of you reading this are used to all the electronic stuff, electric everything, but when the power goes off and does not come back on what do you do, how will you live?

Hand tools, hand saws, shovels and the like, basic old fashioned homesteading life style.

I was a city person most of my life. Summers and a few years I did live in FT. Dodge Iowa, my mothers side, they had three farms , thousands of acres, I loved those days, and man it was hard work. I had a taste of it, sort of, but we had power.

For the past five years I have been far out in the so cal, Mojave desert a 100% different way of life than I have ever been exposed to. It is a huge challenge, great for solar stuff and that is about it.

I knew that Ginger and Cheyenne peeper could help with pain, Example a pitch of Cheyenne Pepper in hot water helps mi grans, and Ginger is a great anti-inflammatory.

I also learned Ginger raises you pain threshold lit. Well like always I am my own lab rat. I have taken 2Grams a day of Ginger, filled caps, now, at first I did not realize what it was doing. A couple weeks after taking it, I am taking it for other medial reasons number one, I forgot my own , pain threshold experiment.

Let me start by saying I have always had a very, very low pain threshold.

I was out getting wood to have a night fire with my 33 year old son, I did not even notice until well after our night under the stars and the nice fire.

We cam back in the house, and a few moments later my son yelled out, “ Dear lord Dad how did you do that, does that hurt”. I looked down at my legs, I guess somehow out at night, I tore my legs up, bleeding a gash and swollen lumps . Large ones, later bruised, and lumps lasted 2 weeks, I really tore my legs up, I realized as normally at once I would have felt great pain, I lit. felt no pain at all none, at all, ever.

I realized the next day the pain threshold experiment was working.

Next, I had a dental appointment, I am one who hates dentist and am scared to death, I was, until I started to learn dentistry and extracted two of my own teeth, and one surgically, stitches and all. ( Note I have said before), one of the most over looked things I find on survival sites and survival vids is dental issues. 80% of ALL military personnel war and peace time were in need of Medical attention for a dental issue, hello!.

I got on E-bay have a complete hand set of dental tools, watched videos read books, as a master herbalist I know anatomy, but never studies dental, mouth as much I did and do, and still learn dentistry around 4 years now, and 40 years studying Medicine, Trauma medicine, first aid, advanced first aid, , as a Master herbalist it was a great fit.

I am not only going to be the Chaplin , but unless the lord provides one day soon, I am the head medic oh well. Learn it .

I was at the dentists had several extractions, normally I would flinch, freak, etc. I felt nothing at all. The next visits a root had to be extracted the dentists reached for his Novocain needle, I said, “ Wait, no Novocain needed”. Out came the straight elevator, and digging started, he did it without it and again I felt 100% nothing.

Lastly on this example, Me and my wife , when she can, she is very ill, for five years out in the desert became rock hounds, I was walking down a path, up a hill and my ankle kept bending all the way, not good again no pain, I fell down a good sized hill hit my arm on a rock looked like a compound fracture, no pain. Look I am not kidding about this, why would I, I am on earth to help, not lie. This is all true, so.

OH, my bursitis, is pain free now.

I am telling you reader this 2 grams of ginger sometimes two times a day, has done it, it will raise your pain threshold. It will be needed. I was looking at the top normal medical issues, as I was in study for survival medicine, lots of sprains, back pain, strained muscles, colds, flues, broken limbs. Much of this pain can be no problem if you take the powder Ginger. Get a few pounds some capos and fill. Wow.

I will next see if the tincture of hot pepper does any more, but it matters not, Take both, It can not hurt LOL. You will not hurt. This is not a miracle cure, it will not prevent a trauma situation, but daily life, homesteading pain, with Ginger it can be taken care of NOW, start it now it is also a great anti viral, and antibiotic help.

I wonder if this will help with one is being tortured, YES. Serious thought reader.