30 Second Funny Vid Re-Post For All In The Snow Storms, Many More Coming Be Ready

I posted this  last couple winters. It is funny, but the word of the lord last year, and this year before one flake came, understand bride of Christ, the winters will be long, every year colder than next. Be ready, be prepared for the hell of cold is on us,and the great war and chaos coming, .2015 The year of Chaos. Fear not Bride, you have been told, be ready all is about to change. Yes 2015- Year of Change, Powers start to shift from West to East, fall of the nations at hand. The bride of Christ, please fear not, but listen, you have been told many times, be ready, be in prayer as never before, much much more chaos coming to Africa, the E.U. America .
This year, the E.U splits up, than know the USA is next. Have faith, have faith, have holy boldness.