March 15, 2015- Our 35th Wedding Anniversary Wild-Got Some Jade Or Coral LOL.

PTL. 35 years, never thought we would still be together.
Its an odd 35th year gift, Jade or coral. The past owners have real nice coral, and it is a symbol of the ocean, her home Rhode Island, meaning oceans, reefs. I set some up where we could see it today the coral, nice surprise, decorated it, she will be up soon. Pray for us, pray we move as the lord would have it, and his blessing be on us and on this mission work, amen.

I have a Prophecy in the news post ready, it oddly was something I have been talking of a while, the Japan Quake now tainted USA ocean fish, main stream news, I have been saying for a few years mostly on the herb blog, eat nothing from the ocean, also the avian flu, and the herbal advice , and yes Ebola, 12 infected patients flown to USA. I said , not prophecy, just said, and spoke of these things, a virus(s) the oceans death. If the media does not cover it you think its over, I said recent, 'Think not Ebola is over' as the 12 flown to USA shows it is not gone, far from over, also the Japan nuke issue.

I will not talk heavy today that is it, Pestilence, prophecy in the news in a few seconds.

 A day of rest, peace and enjoying the wife of my youth.

Love you my wife, love you always, we have been in the fire, but seeing the glory daily amen.