Prepare-We are at the Verge of Collapse Says Jonathan Cahn Author of Mystery of the Shemitah-Recent Interview Feb 24th- I Took Notes

I have been doing a lot more looking into Brother Cahn, Interviews, as the one found tonight, sermons etc. I can say after my research, listening, this new interview Posted Feb 24th, watched body language, words, etc. I can say, my humble opinion is, he is the real deal.

I always say,” Before you heed the message, know the messenger”. This I did, following my own advice.

I have never read his two books, I did see a video based on book one, and I was amazed. I hope the library has both of them. After listening close, taking notes, observing his talk, movements and spiritual discernment, yes he is for real, my opinion.

We do tend to gravitate to people that believe as we do, see what we see, and such, after taking these notes; I felt an ( a –sounds better) oneness, as I always have with David Wilkerson. He says many things that I myself have been yelling from the house top these many years. Many things exactly as the lord has told me by the small still voice and the holy bible. The Holy Bible Number one, esp. The Book of Jer. as many know.

He spoke of, since 1871, America became the economic super power, and of late for the first time since 1871, China over took America as the lord said, posted on the site, 'Kings of the East' bible Prophecy study, powers will shift from East to West, he said they will shift, America will no longer be the super power, and never again what it is, was, again, I agree.

The Radio host is Creg Hunter, he is a Christian, and was with CNN, not anymore, at the end Cahn said, to him, “You in your own way are sounding the trumpet- alarm”. I have many more notes, but many probably know this, and in the video interview you will hear the notes I took anyway.

I already did a post tonight, after I did, I was looking up Cahn on You Tube and found the recent interview. It served as a confirmation to the 2015 Prophecy, I only put out one part, waiting to see, if this one part does not happen, I will not give the others parts and cop out with, “We know in part and prophecy in part”, while this is true, I simply will not say it. I honestly belive I will not have to, if so, well....I brought reproach on the lord, will eat crow, and continue ministering on-line as long as I can. I will be called a false  Prophet, I do not matter, Jesus does.May it not be so, may all this bring Glory to our lord, give warning to the bride and show all, God still speaks.

 I have been away from things I was into almost 3 years now,( The Truth Movement-Christian Truth Movement-Conspiracy videos and sites) since than, the Prophetic words, esp. concerning my own home, life, ministry, all have come to pass, exactly as the lord told me and my wife in prayer, before things happened, not one has fallen to the ground. I do not believe this one will.

Beloved we are seeing the death of the West before our eyes, the house of cards is falling, used that one a lot the past 4 plus years, in the interview Cahn said that, “ house of cards falling” several times , that struck me, same holy Spirit, so confirmations are needed, but they no longer surprise me.

The interviewer asked him, ‘Why he used the Proverbs verse’, I have mentioned many times,” The prudent-wise, foresee danger and hides himself, the simple pass on and are caught in the trap-snare”

Cahn responded,” People must get right with the lord, spiritual preparation first, second people need to have supplies, as services, and help will not be available, I am not a survivalist, I am a revivalist, I believe at the same time the judgments fall so will revival”.

I loved that line, and again, agree, as the lord has said for years, Spiritual Preparation is number one, second supplies, so he was talking about preparation, in all ways that we can, and to do so is prudent.

 The 2015 Prophecy said, at the same time the Judgments fall the Holy Spirit will be outpouring heavy on the remnant ones. The post ‘the X is getting bigger on the remnants back’, spoke of this last year, ‘the X , as it gets bigger on real Christians, we will be a bigger target for warfare, trials, tribulations, but at the same time the remnant will have grace to match the thorn, and will experience a new outpouring’.

This happened with us, I read emails it happened to others, than I would say almost a year, 2014, it was like an eye in a typhoon, an odd calm, not a lot happening in Spirit, the heavens seemed brass many times, and all hell broke lose. Dec 2014 it started, up to now, all hell broke lose and we were, are, fighting for our lives. Recent, I mean the last week, the grace came to match the thorn and the Holy Spirit, again came in power. This is the way it works; it keeps us humble, and dependent on the lord for our daily bread. “Manna Faith” the lesson, the biggest one, I learned in 2014 and it continues.

All I know is this; it is time to get right with the lord, spiritual preparation first, as the lord said. Seekers, peekers, back-slidden one, dead, dry one; come back now to Jesus as lord, we are on borrowed time, more so, than our National Debt.

Jonathan Cahn’s website with Prophetic updates I heard in this interview is at,

Do not lift any man on a pedestal, only Jesus, it is a good thing the lord in His grace keeps giving the trumpet blast, the holy warning, no one can say, they were not warned.