The Coming Second Exodus PT 3- The Manna And Humility

Deu 8:15 Who led thee through that great and terrible wilderness, wherein were fiery serpents, and scorpions, and drought, where there was no water; who brought thee forth water out of the rock of flint;

Deu 8:16 Who fed thee in the wilderness with manna, which thy fathers knew not, that he might humble thee, and that he might prove thee, to do thee good at thy latter end;

First, as in Pt 1 and 2, I open with the first Exodus, this time, with only two verses that summarize in short the events, but in this summery portion we learn a great deal, never over look the small things in the word, it is alive and it is active.

To be fed by Manna, this was the test that was to humble the proud heart, I want to look at why this manna, manna provision, manna faith, is humbling and its effects, both from the word and in my own life. They also not only lived on manna, but on the goodness and hand outs of sorts, of others, did you know that, I can relate, and so let us look at this in some detail, there is much to be said on Manna and humility, as it will be the way we will be provided for in the coming Second Exodus.

Notice; manna was food that the Exodus ones did not understand, they knew not, hence the word manna, what is it, it was angels food, heaven food, not that angels eat, it came from the lord and not man, nor produced by man. Liberal commentaries do all they can to discredit the miracles of the lord. They say it was coriander seed that was being blown in the area at the time. OK, well whatever it was, I think the people would have known coriander seed if they saw it, this was a food they knew not, what is this stuff, and also yes it did blow in, fall from the sky, by the supernatural power of the lord.

Our faith can be like that, what is it? What will happen, and how, I believe, but how. Manna faith is daily faith, it humbles the same way the real manna did, because it was once a day, two times on Friday, so they did not gather it on the sabbath day. It is humbling when you have no control over your life, as they did not, it was all up to the lord, now, and in, the second Exodus.

I can say this, by the fact I am living it right now, I have no idea how the lord will provide, even the needed bills, for Sept. I know he will. Aug was paid for, by help, a yard sale, and such, manna, hand outs and yes it is humbling, as I did not, could not, go out all week and work and earn a paycheck.

This is why we see this today, and will more so soon. We will see we have nothing to do with the second Exodus, It will be miracles, and provision from the lord. I do not care how much you have put aside, it will not last long, medical supplies run out fast, food runs out fast, than what? In comes manna, in comes water in a supernatural way, how? What is it, many will again say. It is the lord making Himself known so He alone gets all the glory.

In Deut. Ch 8 in context, these two verses are in between some important info, the lord did not want his people to say, as they later did, we did all this, our hands provided all our wealth, and in came pride, and in came captivity, Pride always comes before the fall.
The verses in the text are a short reminder to the lords people of what He did, and it was to be told to all generations.

Deu 8:15 Who led thee through that great and terrible wilderness, wherein were fiery serpents, and scorpions, and drought, where there was no water; who brought thee forth water out of the rock of flint;

I can understand a great and terrible wilderness, it means desert in Hebrew, a barren place, like where I live, no water, no natural trees, no shade, harsh wind, blazing heat, I almost died a few times when I first came to Yermo and was Rock Hounding and ran out of water and got lost, not good. It happens fast. Water is more important than food by far. I can not even imagine the heat with no swamp cooler, as many states. The desert is a harsh place, but it also is a place where many will see mighty miracles, how, when ? I do not know.

The word says the lord will feed his people in famine, how, I do not know, we will be saying , what is it, how is this possible, only the lord could have done this, many will know as they will pray for it and a miracle will happen there will be no doubt who the provider was. This will be a great soul winning tool, mark my words, people will again see, The lord still speaks, heals, delivers, does miracles and they will only say, “how can this be, we were taught these things ended with the last Apostle, how can this be, I see it I am mixed up”, I say Good, mix them up lord, shake them up. A proud remnant will come out white, clean, holy, broken and humbled.

............wherein were fiery serpents, and scorpions, and drought, that sums up where our ministry is, and so we will need a second Exodus more than places that have vegetation, running streams, plants to eat and heal, it is like the moon, but hot as Mercury, in a way. I killed A side wider not long ago, we caught three scorpions, well, they were stuck on the outdoor and indoor bug traps, they are around. Water, there is none.

I saw years ago and right near where the current ministry location is, the vision, open, I saw water coming from the mountains and forming a lake, gushing out, I saw manna falling like snow, the lord showed me this and said, “I did it before, I will do it again”, esp. For those not called unto wrath.

Most people who are long time residents of the area and own property, buy trees and water them, but when there is no water, no water Co, no utilities, these trees will die. There are several drought resistant trees, these are the most popular, and some place are surrounded by layers of these desert trees, well shaded, lucky dogs LOL.

We lived in what would be called the city-village of Yermo, now we are at the base of The Calico Mts, there is a tree grove on the property , drought resistant trees, but only a row, all is open, as far as no city planted large trees for shade, it is open as many saw on the video I shot of the place. I did not fully understand the need for shade until the move.

One must adapt to where ever they are, the Indians did not even stay around the area in summer, they came in winter, historic fact, the cowboys and frontiers, had it rough, as the westerns show, but they chose places that had running water, streams, or they would not settle there, wild trees and grazing land. There were those who settled this are long ago, Mormons, and it was as harsh now as it is today, the silver miners lived in the area, so it can be done, with out the modern day creature comforts.

There are those in harsh desert areas in the world and are in worse places than this, they use camel's to get around, and they are alive. Maybe we should get a camel. I thought of it, horses... many will die, a Camel will be able to handle it. The lord gave them shade from the heat in the day, by the cloud by day, I pray and hope such a cloud comes again. It is that important, shade and fluid, or you'er in glory.

A fire by night, direction, and defense, will we see these same two things, I do not know how, all I saw was water and manna , I did not see the cloud, or pillar of fire. Who knows, with all the earth changes, the lord can do anything, and if what I saw and was told years ago, the Mojave river will again flow up top, and rivers will come down this area where we are, there will be lakes, pools of water, rivers, and this will be for drink, and cooling off. Growing and surviving.

Unless we enter the seven year tribultion right after the West falls and America is Judged, we do not know, how long the time is between the birth pains and the Tribulation, the end of, Judgment of, America is not the tribulation, other nations have fallen, read history. It will be A Tribulation , no doubt.

I have given a lot of prayer and thought to this second Exodus word, the most important thing I am learning is manna faith, daily faith, it humbles, and its hard, but we are still in training. I would to God, we had a normal ministry budget, a way to pay bills, all this time 100% faith, and why, our text says why, it is a testing time, I speak often of testing, trials, tribulations , and the reason we need them. We all need to learn manna faith, we must learn daily faith for daily needs, many just basic needs.

The First Exodus was with the lords power manifested, great deliverance, provision, but teaching proud people great humility, so humility is the key to the second Exodus and life today.

If anyone can donate a decent camel let us know OK, until than, think on this part 3. It will be the last part, read part 1-3, and get the full pitcher. It was a great revelation and teaching . I am living it in the NOW, now is hard, now for us, is manna faith. These things I speak of in parts 1-3, are prophetic things to come, but we must live, and focus on today, I understand this, and I hope you do. We are not put on earth to just look to the future, or assume prophetic events, nor sit and wait, we must live as we do now, and live for the lord, if your not living for the lord, totally sold out now, what will you do in the hard days just ahead? It would be wise to start now.