Been A While Since I Posted Any Of The Free Songs I Recorded-The Glory Of The Lord Came Strong This Night- A Word.

The Glory of the lord fell strong tonight, wow. A very powerful word, an open vision and insight given, a hard word to the Babel of today, and underground cities seen, plus locations and their doom by the lord himself. Will preach it or try and write it. This round has been won, America and the West is doomed , but as in Daniel, Babylon fell in one hour, one day. America is not N.T. Babylon, but a type of, and what will happen after the coming purge will blow the leaders minds. Jesus and his people will never be taken out 100%, they have tried since Jesus came and it has not happened, it will never happen. The wisdom of these men are foolishness to God, their underground cities will become their tombs. This is what the lord said in a nut shell. I have said this before, but was literally looking at 3 under ground city's, not small bunkers, locations and a prophecy to these three underground places. This word will come forth.

For now, to the ones who have not heard my music, free to download, I am putting the player up. Since my pro mic broke that was the end of putting vocals to the rest of the New CD, " Smile In The Storm". Music done, all of it, no way to finish it, so be it, almost a year no recording, I have moved on.


1. Instrumental -Deserts End
2.Liquid Flowers
3.Gabriel's Horn-Top 10 song out of around 300,000 hit number 7
4. A Vow Of No Silence-Top 10 song, out of around 250,000