I will be rapture-ed a Few Days

It will feel like I was caught away.
Out of the Desert a couple days. Will take some pics and video.
I can not wait to see some life and trees.
If I am not back, the title is not a Joke. LOL. No rapture but in Glory.
Been a lot of small EQ's were I am going , may feel a shake or two.
Pray for safe travel and pray I find some good wild herbs on this trip. 
Big Bear, It will be cold. Leaving in a few. It will be to cold to wild harvest anything. My brother has a summer place up in Big Bear, he is taking me along a couple days.
I will get some nice pics and do a video lord willing.


  1. Big Bear is a good place to go, and it is very nice there, I hope that you have a good time.

    Rev. Bernie

  2. I am back posted some pics it was a nice couple days hello my dear brother


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