My Trip To Big Bear-And A Divine Encounter-And A Prayer Request

It was great to get out of Yermo and see some woods, we were at around 8,000 feet most of the time. Shot video took some pics, loved it.
A big plus was a divine encounter took place. My brothers neighbor was moving out the day we were there, sitting in from of his summer cabin a powerful time of ministry took place, amen.
It was so powerful I think it was for that reason I was there to minister.
The word says, " be ready in is season and out of season" it was not expected and ordained of the lord .

Nothing like ministry face to face. It is my passion to minister the word, preach salvation and pray for others. Having no car it is hard to believe this place is only a 45 min drive, pray we get a much needed car. If and when we get a car, we will minister a lot in Barstow, the lord is leading us to start a Park church, outreach? there. Many, many Churches that were there two years ago are gone, many small unused churches, and a great time of year to do street and park ministry.

We also need a car for the short time we have , so I can get my family to the DR's while we can, and wild harvest many herbs, and look around at stuff that we could use on the mission.

I put out a prayer request with the Free College board and students and I do it now, pray the lord grants us a must have car asap, as said, the window is almost closed and it is needed for the NOW.

I will post just a couple pics out of the many taken.