Over 1,500 killed after 7.9-magnitude earthquake strikes Nepal-Prophecy Came To Pass, But More Is On The Way, This Is Not Over

The word -Prophecy, was posted on Feb 27, 2015 I will paste it below after this part.
I woke up late, I did not know what many of you who watch T.V. News know. I am blown away for a few reasons and in trembling before our Holy God. The rest of the prophecy is validated by this EQ alone.  It was not historic, but as said this may not be it, if it is, well....The rest of the Prophecy is all true. This event fortold by the lord, the main reason was to serve as a holy Trumpet blast to be a sign of the other events.

 I mentioned a couple posts below, we do not look at every disaster as prophecy, but when an event is foretold for a reason than it is current prophecy and for a reason. That is all I will say for now. No pics far to wild, saw a pic of a 9 story Pagan tower, significant looked into that tower.
2015-Year of Chaos, War, civil war, martial law, economic woes and, or 100% collapse, and start of the fall of USA.
The trumpet, the sign, the blast, repent today beloved, reader, seeker, this is the lord not man to warn out of love the great events coming on us.

The predictive post below. In it, it says greater than the Christchurch N.Z. Quake, Feb 2011 185 killed, this event is far worse, a populated area, and it is not over, before May 1, so what do you do?
I can only say, our lord loves his true people and his creation mankind, so much he gives signs, warnings of things to come, so now we know, 2015, the start of the end of the USA as the super power, no more USA, the lord will use his rod of correction to humble the nation, bring fallen Christians back, and start a great awakening. Than the lord will deal with the rod he used, current similitude of Babylon.

I will post the rest, but as said, if you look at Jan 2014 Prophecy, more of the same, only worse, this is it, be not in fear, but I would say, now would be a good time to get right with the lord, now would be a good time for spirtual preperation, and whatever else you can do.

February 27, 2015
A Predictive Prophetic Word


 I write this in holy fear and trembling, I sent this to the Free College Board members Yesterday in the monthly Newsletter. I mailed this to a couple people, now I will simply paste it as I told the board, than I will go and run and hide for a few months. LOL.


Between today, and Before the start of May less than 3 months, there is going to be a very, very large seismic event.

I mean big, like Christ Church N.Z., Japan, The great earth quake will  not be a normal one , flatten a populated area, or a volcano, or a tsunami caused by a sea quake. This will be the biggest one in history, and the lord says, this will be so, and it is his holy trumpet call to warn the nations 2015, Judgment comes on the West and Earth.( so it can be a EQ on land, tsunami, or volcano, unknown)

Location, could be Christchurch N.Z. again? I feel that, but I was not given the location. I have told no one of this yet, only my wife. I am praying before I post and do a video on this.

This is a very predictive prophecy, I will not post it until the lord says the OK, it is a sign of the things the lord gave me in detailed prophecy, splitting the year in to 4 groups of 3  months and events that will happen in the 3 months of this year.

After this great seismic event you will know, maybe all will know, God still speaks, he warns his bride and sinners and backsliders to return to him, that is the reason, to wake up people, and a call to repentance. All to point to the Glory of our lord, not a man, not a ministry.

Hard days are coming.

Be in prayer, this is a spiritual 911 now event.

I was in fear and trembling when the lord gave this to me a week ago. I prayed last night, "Lord I must have you confirm this word, I do not want to bring reproach on your name, I matter not, you're name does, I must have you tell me, confirm this".

Less than 30 min later, I was on the internet, I do not know exactly how I even found this.

I do not have cable, so some of you may have seen this. A documentary put out this year 2015, the title, “The day that changed my life".

The title caught my attention so I read about it, guess what, it is a documentary on the great EQ that hit Christ Church N.Z. 30 min later I was shown this, my wife got up, she knew about this, I have the year written on paper it was on the white board. I told her I was crying out

to the lord, what do I do? I am to afraid to make this public, what if it does not happen, I will bring reproach on the lord. I told her about the Documentary 30 min later, as I asked for a 100% proof, sign, from God this word was true, and that 30 min span, I find the documentary on Christ Church, she and I almost fell down, we both said, only God could have shown me this, right after I pleaded for a true sign . Wow.

Beloved we are in a time of crises, a true spiritual 911, I plead for all of you to pray, seek the lord and be ready for some very hard days THIS YEAR, starting asap. alert Christians, no fear, you will start to face unexplainable trials and tribulations this is of the lord to drive you to his presence, its only Jesus now, its only our walk, holy humble service, to glorify his name in ‘this present darkness’- great book. Beloved, seek him, open your mouth and he will fill it.

Have faith, and trust, do not let anything put you in fear, as the trials increase so will our lords grace and power that he alone will give to see us through this event, and things to come in our own personal life's.

The lord gave me the woes, and the words for the remnant bride, during this time a outpouring, the real deal will start in his true people, individual and corporate. It has started with us , as foretold, and at the time the word was given. They lord will move, he will pour out, and keep you , he will guide, provide, protect, we have His word on it, 'he will never leave us or forsake us'.