Possible consequences of a collapse in economic activity and law and order after a viral pandemic


I came across this by Dave Actons video just now.

.....And there shall be pestilent s...
All I can say is, prophecy in the news. The virus has been spoken forth many times on this site. The lord, not man, has said so. I do not endorse the site I must look more into it.
The fact is, part of the Prophecy that came and the EQ sign , it said, viruses, many more in 2015, so this is in line with the word given and very odd the talking heads say this. Man made, or not, it will be God allowed, like it or not beloved, the virus will come, many, so have your herbs on hand and know what to take, see my hearbal teaching blog, many posts on this. Free Herbal Training.

Simple Mullien is one of the best herbs for H1N1, Influinza, Bird flu, others, as is Chinese Skull Cap. Know your herbs today, now the post I read, it will come it was spoken forth.

As always, to the true Christian, Fear not, you are not called unto wrath. No fear mongering, just more of what the lord has been telling his Bride, he warns so we will know, and we can do something. Pray, study the bible, Take correct herbs, seek him, and run to him for your refuge, he loves his people have NO FEAR. Beloved this shall be, it has been told by our lord, what a good loving God we serve.

    NCT Paper

Possible consequences of a collapse in economic activity and law and order after a viral pandemic
By Portal Team | April 26, 2015 0 Comments

A paper by Dr. Drew Miller, Research Staff Member, Institute for Defense Analyses, USA

Executive Summary

Viral pandemics are a major threat to the United States, perhaps amongst the worst we have ever faced. Pandemics may occur naturally, by an accidental release from a laboratory, or bioattack by a nation state or terrorist organization. Bioengineering and genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are particularly dangerous. The technology is advanced, widespread, and inexpensive. Some scientists believe that a new, bioengineered GMO could pose an “existential” threat to our species.

Even if the virus is not very lethal, the breakdown in economic activity and loss of law and order that ensues could kill millions of Americans if the collapse is severe and enduring. Today’s world is more dependent on “just-in-time” deliveries of food and essential supplies, more vulnerable to disruptions in economic activity, and generally less able to survive quarantine situations. “Collapse” (defined here as a cessation of most economic activity and widespread lack of law and order for a prolonged period of time) is likely to result from a viral pandemic or other disasters that trigger panic, loss of food/water/medicine for many citizens, and subsequent breakdown in law and order.

Biologists warn that the H5N1 avian influenza kills about 60% of its victims, compared to just 2% for the 1918 Great Spanish Flu Pandemic (that killed about 50 million). “Like all influenza strains, H5N1 is constantly evolving in nature. But thankfully, this deadly virus does not now spread readily through the air from person to person. If it evolved to become as transmissible as normal flu and results in a pandemic, it could cause billions of illnesses and deaths around the world.”

With DNA engineering and new techniques that allow production of GMOs, a virus could be designed and unleashed to be highly lethal and transmissible, with a long period of being contagious before symptoms appear. Bioengineering enables a small terrorist group, or even one dedicated individual, to modify and release a new virus that could cause both a pandemic and a resulting collapse in economic activity and possibly law and order.

A host of experts say such bioengineered viral pandemics (BVP) are inevitable since it is increasingly easy to modify an existing pathogen to make it more lethal or transmissible. While a bioengineered virus could be highly contagious and deadly, it is possible that more people would die from the collapse aftermath than deaths from the virus if we are not well prepared to respond to the pandemic, keep essential supplies flowing, and maintain law and order.

In contrast to estimates of millions to billions of deaths, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security pandemic influenza planning scenario (there are no official, published guidelines) sometimes refers to just 87,000 casualties—not much more than a bad seasonal flu. This version of the scenario seen in public forums has planning assumptions on virus lethality, worker absenteeism, and maintenance of law and order that appear to be optimistic.

The U.S. military, and National Guard in particular, will play a key role in recovering from a severe pandemic, especially in avoiding or coping with a collapse in economic activity and law and order. Most of the guard troops deployed for Hurricane Katrina response and recovery operations were used to support law enforcement. Looting and violence in other recent public disturbances also suggest that military forces will be needed during a pandemic to back up security at medical facilities, help law enforcement maintain order, conduct quarantine enforcement, and transport (or escort) food and essential supplies.

Please access the Full Paper by clicking on the following link:Miller – NCT CBRNe USA 2015

The Full Paper by Miller will be presented during NCT CBRNe USA Innovation Stream, taking place from April 29 to May 1.

To see full paper , hit the site the link given

I posted that the easy way to disarm Americans is.
1. A virus
2. Sleeping spray
3. Starvation

The lord said it would be mostly due to a virus and so it will be as we are told.