Prophecy In The News-Plus What Does Jade Helm 15 Mean

For a while now I have spoken of 2015 being historically the last year the powers can remain in the West. Reader we have real history on this and it was a few years ago with 2015 being the very last year it had to happen, if history repeated itself, and it seems history always does.

America is not mentioned in the bible, so it is not even an American thing, it is a West thing, meaning England. 'The sun never sets on the British empire', was true longer than America was around and during its infancy. America was an experiment it has been openly said, and now  the science project must be tossed out. I am not anti-American, I am not Anti-Russian, nor Anti-China, nor Anti-France, or Anti-Anywhere, like the Swiss once were I, this ministry, are for all people and we are 100% neutral, this is not a new statement, it is in my free e-book called, 'A True End Time Church'. I make it very clear in that book what this ministry will be doing when it all hits. I, we are not neutral for Jesus Christ being the only way to heaven. This truth will be why we die and no other reason. Jesus is the only way, truth and life, amen.

The Pre- Tribulation Rapture Teachers have long taught the E.U. was the 10 nation confederacy that the antichrist would rule from, this is mentioned in my new coming book,  'Antichrist Hunters', God willing.

The E.U. right now is splitting and it has been spoken forth since this ministry has been on line the E.U. goes first -the Euro, than the Petro Dollar, 5 years ago this was said, and the euro was doing great 5 years ago, as well as the E.U. All has changed. Greece, they were able to pay the debt this month and did not default but said it can not pay next month, they are broke. A unified Germany will go separate from the E.U. still not declared, but the lord said it in prayer long ago, and things point to this. More than a few of the E.U. countries are going to pull out of the banking system and join China's new banking system. That will make the E.U. less than 10, as voting members, so what do teachers say to that?

The Kings Of The East, is bible prophecy, it is history, and it is will happen this year.

Currency wars ALWAYS start world wars, thus WW3 is at hand, the bible never said a WW3 would be the last war by the way, why are so many stuck on end time prophecy and WW3, it is not in the bible, there could be 4, 5, 6 world wars, who said WW3 was it? Man not the bible.

Once again , what we are seeing is an infant nation that has turned its back on the lord and now as all nations that have, especially, the Old Covenant Hebrews, same God, he changes not. Nations rise, nations fall. 

America is hated by the whole world for its on going crimes of war, Geneva convention law breaking, causing chaos everywhere and it will soon pay. The shedding of innocent blood, the cup is overflowing in the USA, the West and other places, so now we are seeing a rise in other rouge movements due to this, Problem, reaction, solution. Nation will rise against nation, kingdom against, kingdom,. (tribe against tribe), is what it means, race wars as we see increasing.

In a message a while back called, " The righteous Death of America" see that one, same message. The blood of the innocent cries out from our land as far back as the Native American People. Abortions, killing innocent people around the world in police acts and  causing uprisings, it is innocent blood flowing. 

I am saying all this to say, once again the Kings of the East, China, Russia and company now, this year, 2015, will be the super power.

Jade Helm 15, it is not a deep prophecitc insight , as now I have established what is happening.
 Jade means China, Helm, is where a captain is, the Helm of a ship, the one in control, China at the helm, and its Company in 15, 2015.

If you look at past messages you will see this all adds up and is real prophecy in the news.
I do not know if the name was given without real understanding, like the Harbinger , or was it? Matters not, the lord has  been telling his bride things to come, and this is what it means. The true Christians have nothing to fear, but this does not mean many will not die. Some will very soon be promoted to glory, what is coming starts inside, than troops of different nations will be the last blow  as the rod of correction, chosen by God, to show his Judgment on the West. Read Jer. the King of Babylon was ordained, chosen, by the lord to chasten his covenant people, and so again history repeats and this beloved, is real prophecy in the news.