UPDATE- The record-breaking volcanic eruption in southern Chile-Some Wild Looking Photos

It is almost the end of April, Is this the start of what the lord spoke of? Record breaking, looks like a whirlwind of fire, dormant volcano, EQ event? I do not know, I do know it is simply wild, we will see what happens .

Update 8:45 Pm
I am looking all over for the rest of the words given, so I can scan the paper and post it, also in the next post I will explain in detail the things the lord said a couple months back, before Jade Helm 15 was even heard of, before many thing we see are happening, I feel the Ok from the lord to post the full word for 2015 I was given. Things have been happening as the lord said. One part of the paper I wrote out was in 3 months blocks in red, the woe's, Judgments, flip side of paper was in blue, or green? same 3 months separated, the flip side was concerning the things that will be happening to the lords true people, and much of it is powerful and good. We are seeing these things and in-line with the word given aprox 3 months ago, so its a go, will find that paper, if you can read it LoL. I will explain what I can not even read. 

I do not practice, nor believe in mystical Christianity as many know. I was looking at the pics I uploaded this early AM, and re -reading this post, I did not see it at first, than it hit me, pic number 3, look at it, hands down look at it, I understand now why the report below said concerning this Pic, what looked like the jaws of hell opening to swallow the surrounding landscape. look at the pic, see if you see what I do wow. odd. I do not make stuff up, nor look deeply into every thing, unless the lord says in advance something will be a prophetic sign, as said, this could be it, or something else, we will soon know.

I was looking at the posts and what words were searched for a given  post, the Jade helm 15 insight, every search was, 'What does Jade helm 15 mean', or 'What does Jade helm 15 mean in another language'. This is what I mean by looking to deep into anything, as I have to mention once again, my new free e-book soon to be out, " Antichrist Hunters", you may not fully understand my thoughts,  after reading the book you will, and this looking into everything so close, looking for the beast, the number, who is the antichrist, and the things going on far to deeply it is a distraction, and it will keep you from living in the NOW, it will keep you from prayer, it will keep you from working for our lord while it is still light, it does no good, I know from past mistakes, rabbits and rabbit holes are a distraction, I plead, seek the lord , seek Jesus now, fall on your face, repent, as soon this country will be no longer. Seek him and nothing else, what he wants, what He says, simply do, and you will have peace.

This portion of the word was given to me to add to this update. 

 "The Lord also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave His voice; hailstones and coals of fire. Yea, He sent out His arrows, and scattered them; and He shot out lightnings, and discomfited them. Then the channels of waters were seen and the foundations of the world were discovered at Thy rebuke, O Lord, at the blast of the breath of Thy nostrils" (Psa_18:13-15).

 The record-breaking volcanic eruption in southern Chile is dramatically altering skies, as spectacular views emerge of white plumes creeping miles up into the sky after coloring the night orange. A second blast took place hours ago.

 Nature’s colossal power was aptly demonstrated by Calcubo, which erupted a second time just a few hours ago, with agencies reporting a stronger eruption than the first.

An electrical storm mixed with the raging spurts of lava overnight to create what looked like the jaws of hell opening to swallow the surrounding landscape.

In scenes reminiscent of the movie Independence Day, white mushroom disks adorned the daytime skies, slowly claiming the city of Puerto Varas for their own.

Even rarer and arguably more precious-looking views opened up against the setting sun, as the white disks collided with its glow.

For a few hours it looked as though Puerto Varas was entirely submerged beneath a menacing blanket of fire.

Thousands evacuated as Chile volcano erupts.

State of emergency declared in southern region after Calbuco volcano, dormant for decades, spews ash and smoke.

Southern Chile's Calbuco volcano has erupted for the second time in a day, after being dormant for about half a century.

The first eruption on Wednesday sent a thick plume of ash and smoke several kilometres into the sky, local television images showed.

More than 5,000 people were evacuated from the sparsely populated area about 1,000km south of the capital Santiago and near the tourist town of Puerto Varas.

A state of emergency was declared after the first eruption and a curfew was enforced overnight.
Video footage of the first eruption, which occurred at around 6pm local time (21:00 GMT), showed a spectacular mushroom-shaped cloud of ash and smoke, that turned red as the sun went down.

Chile's Interior Minister Rodrigo Penailillo gave a televised address, calling for calm. Penailillo said the military was being sent into Llanquihue province to help evacuate people and keep order.

He added that water was being sent to the area, as it was unclear how much ash may have fallen and contaminated water supplies.

Later, Penailillo said there had been no reports of deaths, missing persons or injuries. He urged residents to evacuate and warned of possible lahars, a mix of water and rock fragments that flow down a volcano's slopes and river valleys.

Wednesday's eruptions also triggered flight cancellations in Chile and Argentina.

Al Jazeera's Lucia Newman, reporting the Chilean capital Santiago said on Thursday that thousands of people across the country and in neighbouring Argentina were still stuck at airports.

"In Chile flights are not taking off to as far north as Concepcion, 630km from the volcano, as northeasterly winds blow ash in the direction of the capital."

Juan Martinez, a Chilean who was trying to return to his home in Puerto Montt, near the erupting volcano told Al Jazeera that the country was going "from one disaster to another."

Chile's Villarics volcano erupted last month, followed by an unprecedented drought, devastating forest fires and freakish floods in country's north, which home to the famed Atacama desert.

Trevor Moffat, who lives in Ensenada, about 10km from the volcano, said he and his family fled when it erupted.

"It sounded like a big tractor trailer passing by the road, rattling and shaking, guttural rumbling. ... We left everything there, grabbed my kid, my dog, got in the car with my wife," Moffat told the Reuters news agency.

Calbuco last erupted in 1972 and is considered one of the top three most potentially dangerous among Chile's 90 active volcanoes, according to the AP news agency.

Chile, on the Pacific "Rim of Fire", has the second largest chain of volcanoes in the world after Indonesia, including around 500 that are potentially active.

In March, volcano Villarrica, also in southern Chile, erupted in spectacular fashion, sending a plume of ash and lava high into the sky, but quickly subsided.