You Do Not Need A 501 C 3 To Start A Church FREE Book By Dr. Dan Abaldo

When I first posted this book it had 17,000 reads. I took it down , because I was getting so many calls. It was going to be a longer small pay book. It never happened. I re posted the 50 plus page condensed version of the popular informational book.

Many in the 100% Free Bible College have needed this information, it was lost on another old PC a long time. I found it and have sent it to some students in the USA. It still amazes me how few even know the IRS code, USA constitutional law that says, 'A Church and it's auxiliaries are tax exempt", the IRS says, " If you want a 501 C 3 fill out this form", why? You do not need to. Almost 40 years of ministry , Churches and many para-church ministries, I have never had, nor will I ever have a 501 C 3, to do so makes a minister a CEO, chief executive officer of a non-Profit corporation, you are no longer a SR. Minister, but a CEO.

In the book it explains the little paper work that needs to be done and you must use the name Church in your name. This ministry site, the Free College are auxiliaries of, "Church In The Wilderness".

The last couple pages of the book have a great links section, a book on how to do minister duties, places to get free, low pay tracks, sound system, sites with a lot of information, ect.

The link to this great FREE book is at this link,

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I feel lead to once again post this new re-upload of a very true and important work. Read it today.

I feel it is late in the game to even think of a 501 C 3, as we are near the end of our freedoms, and soon Persecution of Christians will be in America, but for those who still feel they need it, you now have the facts.