100% FREE Herbal Training, FREE Herbal School

 Reader, the lord has put on my heart to get the Free Herbal school up and running, have a new student, sign up today, improved course study and a real need for what is coming.

No books, I provide all education texts plus one on one mentoring, tests, hands on labs and all fast tract to get people to know medical herbalism , it is needed today.

I have looked at ALL the other on-line schools and the price is unreal, this school is just as good as anyone one of them , hands down The Master Herbalist and level 2, are a challenge you will learn what every herbalist should know. Level one is no science,the others are. The M.H. course is one of the hardest you will find on the internet.

Open enrollment now, just email me at

truthandmercyministries@live and ask for an application.

What are you waiting for?

Dan Abaldo Master Herbalist Yermo Ca ST.

Visit and book mark my herbal site, lots of information. It is time to learn how to use herbs as very soon there will be no RX drugs, a 911 herbal education, act today 100% FREE.