A Short Prophecy From 2011 -The Cup Is Full A Prophecy.wmv

Published on Sep 10, 2011
This Powerful Prophetic word was given a month ago I decided to put the prophecy like the sleeping bride to some music I composed, It was after we had communion, There was a long silence, we knee-led before the Lord, as we felt a word was coming, in silence, we waited, and Than the Lord spoke in majesty, this word of power and conviction, a sober warning. The thunder rang and the word was powerful, the Lord literally arrived and spoke, do not take this word lightly.

It is May 2015 , how true this word was before, and more so today, the lord has been warning for many years and now it is happening. I have not posted this in a while, it will make you tremble, if not? You may need to watch it again. These are very serious times saints, heed the word of the lord. I pray many get back to the lord from this short word. It was a time when we had a couple folks coming back when we had a home -store front Church.