Church In the Wilderness-Truth and Mercy Ministries Will be having a weekend revival. This is an open house, to see the mission, have services, fellowship, and camp fire fellowship.

I tried to do this last year; I would like to try again. This could be a true life changing experience for anyone that comes.

Am prayer, PM Service, in mid day fellowship and see the local sites and walk the desert.

WE can put up a few people on the mission, you can come with a tent, RV, or there is a local motel, it is owned by our land lords. Calico Mountain Park has camping accommodations.

On a tight budget we can squeeze people in a few rooms you will be like at home, comfortable, real, and loved.

No cost, just come, no love offering taken up, just come. The glory of the lord has been falling and many things have been spoken forth of late. Time is short; this is a great Chance to go to a very different revival, unlike the many big ones you see in America. Small, Home based and powerful.

I know this will be a life changing experience for you, if you come.

Let this be given another try, if interested make reservations so we know how many to expect, call or email for more information.


Evangelist-Pastor Dr Dan Abaldo, and wife Peggy Abaldo, our doors are open come and join us.

P.S. After 5 years our home Church, part of the end time mission has had no regular people, far out in desert so all on-line aside from outreach in Barstow