Basic Bible Study Strategies, For Self And Ministry, Video One

This is a teaching video, one of a few I did for the Free Bible College. I wanted to post it tonight. there are many who honestly do not know how to go about a study of the bible, this is video one, level one, may it be of some help, if you want to learn how to study the bible and the basic tools to use in a quality study.

Published on Oct 3, 2014

This is the first school video on bible study Strategies for self and ministry, this is video one it is very, very basic, each video in this series will get more detailed. Join today, you have nothing to lose, but your money, sound doctrine, best free, or paid college on line , very different, as you can see from the schools link.

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The Student-School blog, a new project has many students work posted to help other students, it also has detailed studies, videos and such for anyone that wants to learn the bible.
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