Bigger Than Jade Helm 15, Jade Helm 15 Update With New Information- Prudent Things To Do-Recap Of 2015 Prophecy Coming To Pass

Have you wondered about Jade helm 15, the given states, this is not for a couple months, so why is it all over the USA, it is not jade helm 15, it is ARSOF 2020.

Look it has already started, many videos show this evidence.

All over the USA, not the few states given in the Jade helm exercise. Why, almost out of nowhere and it is going on right now.

It is the start of complete take over of the USA.

The Prophecy given in Feb 2015, it spoke of during the next three months May, June, July, these events would happen and uprisings as we have seen, much more of this is on the way, watch and see.

Now the why?

This is the part no one likes. I do not like it. This was told in Prophecy in Feb 2015 the EQ that would destroy a very populated place , it happen to be Nepal, it happened as said in Feb 2015, BEFORE MAY 1 2015 , just as the lord said, recap;

The lord said this would be given world attention, this Nepal EQ was a sign, it was said it would be a global trumpet blast from the lord to show the rest of the prophecy would happen. When I was given this 2015 prophecy, I never new about Jade helm 15, nor ARSOF 2022.

This was all told in prophecy, and all has happen so far as said. Famine, drought, we have now broken every record in history.

Volcanoes at present, we have more active volcanoes than any time in recorded history. EQ's continue. The word was, An EQ event in a populated place, and this would not be the end of some dramatic EQ’s and other things. The Washington Monument word just given, split in half.

Look, this is the lords trumpet blast to the world and told before it happened to his elect bride.

The facts, the proof are all on this site, so look into it and see, God still speaks.

All I can say is this was all told, in advance in Feb 15, see that post. To give glory to the lord, not a man, not a ministry, all to his glory.

Compare this with the words of the Pillow prophets, what word is right? The one the lord gives to affirm the message of a messenger and it must be sound doctrine, or run. It is to give attention to His word, his holy Bible, His truth, not man made doctrine.

So, what do you do, what do we do?

It is the Judgment of God on the USA, the West and other places.

Africa will continue to see big events take place, I shared a prophecy to a student in Ghana, I posted the email prophecy. Things in Africa will become much, much worse.

The E.U. is falling apart fast as told. Greek is defaulting and the E.U. is splitting up.

Germany will leave the E.U and become a reunified Germany. This will happen.

The wars and rumors of war, WW3 is soon to be, the freedom of the internet has started to end and continues every day, The massive bird flu, crop failure, on and on, all told before, to point all to the truth, God still speaks.

Beloved if you will listen, if you will heed, you will be better off. If you remain a head in sand Christian, as most are, you will be caught unaware.

The house of cards is falling as I write, so you need Jesus today, it is late in American history, it is late in the coming economic collapse, time is limited and I beg all do what you can to put some food and water away, herbal medicines, find out, identify, what herbs and eatable plants are in your area esp. Eatable-Medical herbs. For one month lock the doors behind you. Trust in the lord with all your heart he knows all, and he knows those that are his.

I posted the best herbs you should be taking NOW.

A link to information a PDF  is found at the link below,


ARSOF 2022

For the last two years, the U.S. Army Special

Operations Command’s future has been guided by the

ARSOF 2022


ARSOF 2022

 focused on the command’s tactical

units and served as a blueprint for change. It defined

the ARSOF narrative by clearly articulating the two

forms of special operations — surgical strike and

special warfare — while identifying a gap in uncon


ventional warfare as a result of 10 years of counter


insurgency focus.

ARSOF 2022

 also acknowledged a

lack of capability at the operational level and defined

the future operating environment.

This is what is going on now. It is not Jade helm 15, it may be worse.

The rod of correction is active; we as praying Christians should be more active, why do so many not understand?

WE are not to fear any one, no man, but God. Godly fear is missing, so go on, do your thing, I, by grace, will continue to be a watchmen if only a few heed.

One heart at a time.

I have some very powerful messages I will be posting, as I shift for a while back to the word, as the lord has told me.

Visit Sermon Index sound preaching. Up top, see a button it says, great old powerful sermons, hit that and a window will open up and many sermons will show, a nice thing Sermon index provides. I had big domains, but no funds I use all Free, with blogspot, this is not a blog as you see, but a full ministry site, it can do as much as some of my old paid domains.

Lord bless you and keep you.

Evangelist-Pastor Dr.Danny Abaldo  Yermo Ca St. USA