Bird Flu Up Date From Reporter Deb-Bird flu found in Indiana; 15th state to report it.

I can not post the article as it says;

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I will give the link,

Yet it spreads.
And there shall be pestilences.....

And there shall be great Earth Quakes in Various Places....

Most have heard, Nepal again.A 7.3, what can one say.

The U.N. has a meeting in Sept 2015 planed a first and the Pope is speaking. A first the combo of one world religion and a one world government being pushed to this degree.

Storms,typhoons, and more Eq's times are speeding up.

I could never keep up with all the global Chaos, wars and rumors of wars, drills, military flexing muscles all over the world, Yeman, what else?

Keep your eyes on the lord, keep in prayer and as always "No Fear"