Breaking News The Truth About Pay Pal All Need To Read The Facts-From A Person That Commented Amen-Plus Prophetic words

 The Comment Given under The Pay Pal post, the end of the internet...

Brother Will:. Ok, it's under a different section. 15.5 License Grant from You to PayPal; IP Warranties. You need to read the above & below.

Here is a detailed answer from a lawyer.

This is the post and it clears the Pay Pal issue up.

I looked it up and WOW, I am so glad this person commented, but internet censoring is taking place as I write, I see it all day, and it is getting worse with NSA spying and soon comes the data collected against anything you write, blog, your calls, emails, what do you do? Continue doing life as normal and let God handle it, besides we are so close to a financial melt down it matters not.

The lord stopped me and a burst of Prophecy came over me, below.

No Fear. I have said for years and all know it, this was from the lord, the internet as we know it will soon be no longer fact from the lord and the signs are everywhere. When WW3 Starts or Jade Helm 15 Hits if Marshal law, soon no internet the kill switch will be hit, or an attack on the power grid, or solar flare, it will soon be lights out, this the lord told me years ago. Lately the Network News seems to be talking much on this, a terrorist plot to take down the power grid, however, whoever, it will be so, very soon. The lord could 100% have a solar flare and it’s all done before any one could do it. This will happen, right before a big event esp WW3 there will be no social media and only, if we have power and WWW3. a new internet is already up and running , it restricts data flow to small sites and alternative media sites and you will not be able to go to them, this site will be such a one. You pay extra to be able to access things faster this is fact, PC mag’s, Weird Mags, Geek papers, PC pro sites, not conspiracy sites and science sites, have all confirmed this.That is the first thing we will see as we lose internet freedoms, and freedoms in general, its the Judgment of the lord.

Prophecy was-May 1 to end of July, and July to end of End of Sept. next Aug. to Oct-The most critical 3 month time frame. Nov to Jan 2016, The end Of things as we know it. 2016 Game Over. By mid 2016 you will not recognize the USA or England and other parts of the West.

The word was, May to July, many more Eq’s Natural disasters, as we are seeing, record breaking things every day it seems are breaking records. Chaos in USA, E.U and Africa, locations specific. E.U. falls apart, a big change starts the fall, the fall happens In critical time-Aug To Oct E.U as we know it will be no longer. Small wars increase, great chaos in Africa-More viruses, War in the street increase 100 fold. All this and more given in Feb 2015, have the hand written paper, have told students in the college and emailed people so I lie not, I am not saying things going on now, after we see them, it was told before. All the glory goes to our lord, not a man, no one, but Jesus and his glory.

Biometrics takes over regular cash first. Some countries will declare bankruptcy, not Just Greece. This will be so, watch this is key in the next 3 months watch see.

War in Middle East, Israel huge event, in this 3 months to end of Aug time frame, watch, see, it will be as told. Almost all nations will turn against Israel and America, a type of N.T. Babylon.

Isolated Martial law first, a dry run on American soil watch see this will be. with in 6 months this will be.

This and much more was given, so far I see it all coming to pass, at lighting speed. The EQ Prophecy was to let the world know a sign, a trumpet blast, from the lord that Judgments would fall hard, we see this happening as I write. 2011 Prophecy of a great Famine, food shortage in USA, it has started. This will be one main cause for a huge uprising and chaos in the nation. This is the word of the lord.

I did not plan on posting all this, way off track, but it was a free flow of things to come and things told by our lord to his Holy Bride.
As always, if your saved NO FEAR, live life, let the power of the Holy Spirit, the real deal fall on you, for this is what will be and said in this 3 months time, and that is why we are trying to have a revival in July it will be a max time of true out pouring, as the world shakes to and fro, we are on the solid rock that can not be shaken. I pray some come, miracles will happen, great things, I see it as plain as I see my hand, but will people come, If not, we will still have this, and we have had it daily for the last few months, with much tribulation and trials,endless poverty, that was told by the lord.

Now the Information Given about Pay pal, I will , as said, keep pay pal now That It has been explained, but note, they added something to it, they had to, it would have been the end of Pay pal, smart move, but very subtle. The password pill, other places are implementing it, Pay Pal says they will not…Yet. But at some time it will be so, they said, they are spear heading all the new security features and  will be the for runners of it all, so a matter of time and this will be. The cashless society is upon us, not prophecy facts.

Now what I was planning on posting.

I thank this brother for the great information. So, I, this ministry, will continue to use Pay pal that is Good, One person gives monthly, pay pal makes life easier and this article says it all. Thank you Will, for the great information and truth on the matter.

What Do the Pay Pal Proposed Changes Mean To My Business?

In the famous words of Biggie Smalls, “Damn, [PayPal] wanna stick me for my paper.” 

But is it?

In the last 72 hours, the internet has been running rampant about the new PayPal User Agreement, which goes into effect on July 1, 2015.

If you were to run a search with the following or similar search terms – “PayPal intellectual property” or PayPal user agreement” or other similar search terms, you’ll find a ton of Internet fear-mongering and ponderings over what it means. 

You will have blogs and articles stating that PayPal’s new user agreement is threatening to assert copyright ownership over ALL intellectual property of anyone who uses it’s payment services.

But are they?

PayPal’s Amendment

We are adding a new paragraph to section 1.3., which outlines the license and rights that you give to us and the PayPal Group (see paragraph 12 below for the definition of “PayPal Group”) to use content that you post for publication using the Services.

A similar paragraph features in the Privacy Policy, which is removed by the addition of this paragraph to the User Agreement.

The new paragraph at section 1.3 reads as follows:

“When providing us with content or posting content (in each case for publication, whether on- or off-line) using the Services, you grant the PayPal Group a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual, irrevocable, royalty-free, sub-licensable (through multiple tiers) right to exercise any and all copyright, publicity, trademarks, database rights and intellectual property rights you have in the content, in any media known now or in the future. Further, to the fullest extent permitted under applicable law, you waive your moral rights and promise not to assert such rights against the PayPal Group, its sublicensees or assignees. You represent and warrant that none of the following infringe any intellectual property right: your provision of content to us, your posting of content using the Services, and the PayPal Group’s use of such content (including of works derived from it) in connection with the Services.”

See Full Amendment to the PayPal’s User Agreement

What The Heck Does This User Agreement Mean?

First, let us define what a license is and what it is not?

A license is a simple way to allow others to use your work or items by granting them full rights, often at a price. (see Copyright Laws Primer).  For example, you the user (i.e. licensor) may give PayPal (i.e. Licensee) a license of the uploaded content to its website.

A license agreement doesn’t grant the licensee ownership of the copyrighted material, merely limited use of it.  If the license allows others (including the licensor) to exercise the same license transferred in the license, this license is said to be non-exclusive.

Under the new PayPal User Agreement, if you provide PayPal with “content” on its site or posting “content” using its PayPal Services then you are granting them a license. The word “content” is vague and not defined.

It does not mean that anything that you upload through PayPal will belong to them.  PayPal CANNOT take your bank account, phone number, etc.

It does not mean that anything that you upload through PayPal will belong to them.

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In fact, in its Privacy policy, PayPal states how your personal information will be collected and used when using its Services.  It also does not mean that it can override [your] copyright if [you] channel it through them in any of their Services.  However, when you upload to its site, you are agreeing to give them a license. For example, when you upload a logo to an invoice, you have given PayPal a license to use this logo to market its services by listing you [or your business] as one its users.

The amended section is not a standalone agreement and must be read together with the current agreement.  Under section new user agreement, some capitalized terms have specific definitions, like “PayPal Group” and “Services.”

In the User Agreement, “PayPal Group” and “Services” have been amended. (See Definitions)  The phrase “…using the “Services”…” under the new User Agreement means “all products, services, content, features, technologies or functions offered by PayPal and all related sites, applications, and services.”  The word “Service” refers to PayPal Services. The word “services” in lower case, refers to “goods and services” and does not refer to PayPal Services. 

Simply put, PayPal “Services” is any activity where individuals and businesses send and receive electronic money online [and] other financial and non-financial services closely related to online payments.

Anything else is not PayPal Service.

What Is A Derivative Work?

Another phrase of contention is “PayPal Group’s use of such content (including of works derived from it) in connection with the Services.”

Whenever you take an existing image and modify it to create a different image, you are making a “derivative work.” (see Section 106 (2) of the Copyright Act).  A derivative work is a work based on or derived from one or more already existing works. (see US Copyright Office Circular 14: Derivative Works)  Forming derivatives is a property right held by the copyright owner. 

The licensee (here, PayPal) may own a copyright in ITS version of the image [the scope of which would be limited to the creative elements that licensee added and would not include any of the original content] but absent the right to display derivative work from the owner of the copyright in the original.

PayPal Tweets To Clarify

In its user Tweets, PayPal addresses the issue with an attempt to clarify the language. PayPal states that the new intellectual property provision “lets us share the nice things you say about us on social media, in the press or online without us having to ask you to sign a release form first.”

Based these Tweets, PayPal has a nonexclusive right to use what you post/upload to their site, and none of it is infringing.

@PayPal has a nonexclusive right to use what you post/upload to their site, and none of it is…

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If you use someone’s art or name or brand with permission, or pursuant to Fair Use, the content you are submitting does not infringe on any intellectual property rights. However, the language as read does not convey this – it is rather misleading.

If that is all PayPal wants, then its User Agreement should read “we have the right to retweet or to use for marketing purposes.”

Stop! PayPal “wanna stick me for my paper” 

The mere act of transacting business by using its payment processing Services [does not] give them full to your intellectual property right. So as long as you don’t post anything to PayPal or one of its “subsidiaries or sub-licensees”, it won’t affect you.

Remember you are giving a license, not of copyright for the items that are subject to these terms.

Remember you are giving a LICENSE, not copyright ownership for the items that are subject to these…

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Quite frankly, it will not affect anyone just using their services to exchange funds.

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