Couple PTL's

I would like to thank Deb for sending a box of rice, beans and a couple things amen.
We still need medical things, esp. Bandages, non perishable food like more rice and beans.
Again , one person in the whole world gave, and to that a big PTL.

Thank-you to Daniel Dadzie from the U.K. He is a College Board member and a student doing his D. Th, that is the hardest degree I put together. I told all that 2015 would be the graduating class, that 2015 we would see a lot of what we are seeing, the internet issues and such. I was not even concerned with getting the college accredited again in June, I did not, could, pay the first time, and thanks to Brother Dadzie, he is taking care of that.

The Free College is all over, mostly Africa, and USA. Much, almost all is mission giving, a lot of work, but seeing fruit so PTL.
It is things like this mission outreach you are helping when you help this ministry.
Pray about this today.