Lost In Translation-Communication- And Bible Text- Interesting Message

2Ti 2:15  Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

1Co 13:5  rude. Love isn't selfish or quick tempered. It doesn't keep a record of wrongs that others do. (CEV)

This is two for the price of one.
First translations;

I often say, one MUST study; use bible helps to understand what the bible is saying. No Bible Translation is Inherent, (without fault). The words in Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic are without error. These languages, many times, can not be translated properly into an English equivalent, not just English but also other languages.

The bible can seem very confusing to many, Most of us think the bible means something and in Greek or Hebrew we find out it doe not mean what we thought, or even were taught for years. Teachers, Preachers should know and are to blame, but each believer must study for themselves to know sound doctrine.

Example, in a message I explain what the meaning is, As a man thinketh so he is. This has had many, many, reads, most do not know it, do you? See that message at this link,

It means something very different and in that example all you have to do is study, read, in context. Reading the bible in context, before, after, at times the chapter before to understand what we are reading in truth. The Holy Spirit is our teacher, and we are given bible helps. Use bible helps every day and the Holy Spirit illuminates the word as you study and dissect the word, rightly divide.

This lost in translation is a problem in proper bible study as no English can fit , express the word, the same is communication with others who speak English as a second language, I have learned by the Free College this lesson. Also; words are lost in translation when emailing, I hate emails, nothing like a call or face to face, you simply can not express yourself at times. It is easy for you, or the other person to take wrong what you wanted to say, you may not have used the right words and thus, lost in translation.

Over the years doing internet ministry, I can not tell you how many people I once had great email dialog with, out of nowhere it all fell apart as someone said something and feelings were hurt and now a friendship was lost due to words being lost in translation.

It is very rare once you talk on a phone, or better face to face, you can connect, or clearly find you can not, nor ever will be able to connect with every body. It simply is not the way life is, we can not always get as close to some as we would like, this has many reasons.
Difference of opinion, difference of likes, feelings, doctrinal things etc.
Can two walk together lest they be agreed...NO.

So we see translation is everything.
The best example is Gen 11. The Tower of Babel.
The people had one language and one purpose that were in rebellion to the lord, so he took the first New World Order and caused everyone to suddenly speak a different language; this dispersed the crowd and down came Babel.
Maybe that is one thing that would be, ‘all for the greater good’ today LOL.

So, have you faced being lost in translation, Yes, we all have. What do you do? First, hold no anger, hold no hurt, never let the sun go down on your anger, you have a full 12 hours or so to feel bad, there is a righteous anger, but even that we are told 70 times 7, let it go. If you have tried to reconcile with someone and it is not working, you have done what the bible says,
‘Live at peace with all men, as much as is possible with you’.
You tried, it did not work, the other person does not want, or is not ready to be reconciled, let it go.
This letting go, and esp. as the text verse says, love takes no inventory, (list), of wrongs another person does to you, let it go.

In prayer, let it up, give it up in prayer and give it to the lord.

If you were lost in translation of late, try and make it right with that person, this is one big step in a personal great awakening, peace, repentance, saying I am sorry.

Lost in translation, we all live in a world where this happens often, no bible help for this one, on human communication, but if lost in translation on what the bible means we have the Greek, Hebrew, bible helps etc. It would be nice if we had such tools for being lost in translation with our fellow man. Think on this