PayPal Developing Ingestible 'Password Pill' This Is A Huge Deal With Pay Pal Update Wow-

SALT LAKE CITY — Being forced to remember a gazillion Internet passwords can be a tough pill to swallow, so PayPal is developing one that goes down a little easier.


That’s right. PayPal is working to create an ingestible pill containing a microchip that users can swallow, effectively turning their bodies into an electronic key that unlocks the service every time they're near a computer, according to the Daily Beast.

In a presentation titled “Kill All Passwords,” PayPal’s head of global developer advocacy Jonathan Leblanc argued online passwords present a major safety issue and should be replaced by biometric identification systems that can be ingested, injected or embedded in a person’s body, according to Tech Times.

“If there’s a weak password you need to harden that with something physical behind it,” he told the Wall Street Journal.

Leblanc predicts “antiquated” identification methods such as fingerprinting will be replaced by internal methods that identify individual heartbeat and veins, thus paving the way for “natural body identification,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

The password pill would be powered by your own stomach acid, Leblanc said, empowering users to take charge of their own online security.

In addition to the pill, PayPal is also exploring the idea of embeddable silicon chips that would serve as “wearable computer tattoos,” sending information through WiFi, the Journal reported.

Reader, if this is not big brother what is.Notice where it was picked up the name,"The Daily Beast" A very fitting word.

Again this is 100% freedom of internet gone ASAP. This was foretold and it is going on right now.
I was reading what an economist said about Pay pal changes the writer said,"This makes no sense in a business tactic, no one in economics understands what pay pal is doing, it seems they are doing deliberate things to kill their own co. or worse, no one understands and it will be the death of Pay pal question is why'?

I will give the answer to the why? It was foretold, it is a lose of freedom it is Judgments simple.