Pray For Kenya Africa And Dr. Tonny Aluda- Prophecy Coming To Pass

Many may remember Dr. Tonny, he was one of the ministers on this site, a long time friend, a true brother in the lord. He is also the longest standing board member on the Free College.
He lost a child asked prayer on that. I tell my students and grads many email prophecies about
Africa. I posted one from Ghana and spoke of Kenya and Ethiopia. This was told in advance as you will read Dr Tonnys short email. Many I have come to know and still mentor in Africa are having many wild, on going events, attacks as told. Pray fro his safety and the people of Kenya. Other areas of key place to pray, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, Ghana, A long list. Thank-you. Dr Tonnys Email below

Re: Terrorism attack at a police station

Dr. Tonny Aluda
1:21 AM
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This is getting out of hand. I remember you said there is more to come after the university attack. Sir conflicting reports are coming from the Kenyan government in regard to Yumbis a village near the border with Somalia. Others say more than 20 officers some say one and scores injured etc. Whatever the case people have been attacked again. The police killed.. Police who are supposed to protect the country are vulnerable now. What do we do now? We pray. Pray for us and our country it is under threat. This is my plea for prayer for Kenya
Your student
Tonny Aluda Lugalia PhD