The Prophetic Impulse-The Burning Fire


The Burning Fire.

We have sometimes seen a little steamer, like "The Maid of the Mist" at the foot of the Falls of Niagara, resisting and gaining upon a stormy torrent madly rushing past her. Slowly she has worked her way through the mad rush of waters, defying their attempt to bear her back, calmly and serenely pursuing her onward course, without being turned aside, driven back, or dismayed. And why? Because a burning fire is shut up in her heart, and her engines cannot stay, because impelled in their strong and regular motion. Similarly, within Jeremiah's heart a fire had been lit from the heart of God, and was kept aflame by the continual fuel heaped on it. The difficulty, therefore, with him was, not in speaking, but in keeping silent--not in acting, but in refraining.
This sheds some light upon the prophetic impulse, and helps us to understand what the Apostle Peter meant when he said, "Holy men of God spake as they were borne along by the Holy Ghost." It was as though the current of thought and feeling came mightily from without, and, passing through them, swept them forward irresistibly. In this way it often happened that the prophets did not understand words which were put into their hearts by the Spirit of God, and of whose full meaning they were ignorant.
But, after all, our main desire is to know how we may have this heart on fire. We are tired of a cold heart toward God. We complain because of our sense of effort in Christian life and duty; we would fain learn the secret of being so possessed by the Spirit and thought of God that we might be daunted by no opposition, abashed by no fear. The source of the inward fire is the love of God, shed abroad by the Holy Ghost; not primarily our love to God, but our sense of his love to us. The coals of juniper that gave so fierce a heat to the heart of a Rutherford were brought from the altar of the heart of God. If we set ourselves with open face toward the cross, which, like a burning lens, focuses the love of God, and if, at the same time, we reckon upon the Holy Spirit--well called the Spirit of Burning--to do his wonted office, we shall find the ice that cakes the surface of our heart dissolving in tears of penitence, and presently the sacred fire will begin to glow. Then the love of Christ will constrain us. Whether we be beside ourselves or be sober will not be the subject of our consideration; but his Spirit, the thought of what he desires, the passion of fulfilling his will, will destroy the fire of self-esteem, and replace it with the sacred fire of passionate devotion.
When that love has once begun to burn within the soul, when once the baptism of fire has set us aglow, the sins and sorrows of men--their impieties and blasphemies, their disregard of God, of his service and of his day, their blind courting of danger, their dalliance with evil--will only incite in us a more ardent spirit. To see the multitudes rushing to destruction, to hear the boast of the blasphemer, the taunt of the infidel, the cry of the oppressed, the ribald mirth of the profane, the desecration of all that is holiest and best in man; to think of the grief caused to the Spirit of God, the dishonor done to him; to anticipate the outer darkness, the undying worm, the bottomless pit--surely these will be enough to fan the smoldering embers till they break out in the least emotional; as when Jeremiah said that he felt an inner impulse, to restrain which was a weariness, to stay from obeying which was a sin.
What is impulse?

Websters 1828 First edition;

IM'PULSE, n. im'puls. [L. impulsus, from impello. See Impel.]

1. Force communicated; the effect of one body acting on another. Impulse is the effect of motion, and is in proportion to the quantity of matter and velocity of the impelling body.

2. Influence acting on the mind; motive.

These were my natural impulses for the undertaking.

3. Impression; supposed supernatural influence on the mind.

This word is for ALL Christians and, not just prophets, but also to prophets, from a one who moves in prophetic gifts, what I have learned and what it has become.

I once wrote, in the O.T. Many times in the Hebrew the word Prophet is called a Mad Man. This is because of the prophetic, sudden out bursts, sometimes spit flying and on the spot, anointing that would speak the word of the lord.
The role of the N.T. Prophet has many differences, this I have already touched on.

There is a portion of the bible that many may not understand, I want to show what it means, it is N.T. And it shows us, even in the N.T. There were holy prophetic out bursts, holy fire, after all we are given a fire baptism.

1Co 14:29 And let the prophets speak by two or three, and let the others discern.

1Co 14:30 But if a revelation be made to another sitting by, let the first keep silence.

1Co 14:31 For ye all can prophesy one by one, that all may learn, and all may be exhorted;

1Co 14:32 and the spirits of the prophets are subject to the prophets;

1Co 14:33 for God is not a God of confusion, but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints,

In this N.T. example we clearly read of a sudden revelation given to another, this sudden holy out burst was to be heard, and the other was to sit down.
Many have not understood this, it is not a down put of the one that was already giving a prophecy, nor one more known usurping the one speaking.

It was as Vrs 30 says;

1Co 14:30 But if a revelation be made to another sitting by, let the first keep silence.


If anything be revealed to another - If, while one is speaking, an important truth is revealed to another, or is suggested to his mind by the Holy Spirit, which he feels it to be important to communicate.

The KJV reads;

1Co 14:30 If any thing be revealed to another that sitteth by, let the first hold his peace.

Revealed -Greek;


From G575 and G2572; to take off the cover, that is, disclose: - reveal.

The ASV render is correct as we see the word is the same as the book of Revelations, or Apocalypses, a un- veiling, a revelation.

The sudden revelation, a mystery, a insight, an illumination is given.

Understand, in context the Spirit is saying through Paul, all is to be done in order, there should be no confusion.

We also read, 'A Prophet is to prophesy in proportion to his faith' this means in prophecy one must not attempt to go beyond what they have faith for, some are called to general exhortations, and such, others powerful insight, revelation, illumination, seeing into the future. This comes with a price, and it was the reason Paul was allowed to have the thorn, to humble him.

We all hear, read on many sites some pretty wild, so called prophecy, I said recent,I am still amazed with all that is going on, the word of Faith camp prophets, pillow prophets, are still giving prophecies of great divine purpose, great abundance, great destiny , reader you must make a choice who will you listen to, these same pillow prophets the same ones in spirit that the prophet Jer. Had rebuked, or will you seek after the real deal.

We will always have the pillow prophets that give false hope. Jer says of these ones they say Peace, peace and it is of little help like an old band aid that falls off fast and it has no lasting truth. False hope is very dangerous. Reader, make a choice today, you know who these ones are, they are all over, mostly on Christian T.V or influenced by the Christian T.V. False prophets and prosperity doctrine, TBN, inspiration network and others. If you can not discern, as 1 Cor speaks of, all should listen and discern a word, do you?

If you have ears to hear and eyes that see, how on earth can anyone still fall for these ones?

I read on the internet these prophets, that when they give a word it sounds just like the in put they are getting, no different, shallow, nothing of substance, the day will soon be over and no T.V. No internet, that might be a good thing, mega Churches will be closed and the truth will win out for the lord in the end. You can clearly tell when some one gives a word and it sounds like what they are listening to from the prosperity camp, no difference at all, this is not the real deal, it is flesh, it is dead and it is false.
I must have said many times, Corrie Ten Boom spoke of the damage this false Gospel of ease and prosperity doctrine did to China, so what will you listen to, read, watch, in put equals out put.

This holy out burst is for all Christians, it is a fire you can not hold in, sooner or later you will have the boldness to speak the word the lord gave you.

It is time to stay in sound doctrine, it is time to allow the lord in the prayer closet to share his heart with you. The lord yearns to do so, he is waiting for you to come. I make a plea, come unto Jesus today, the prayer closet is in cob webs, it is dusty, it is neglected, may all reading this make the change today, clean it out, this is done my coming in, as you do and wait on the lord, his holy fire will purge the threshing floor of the prayer closet and speak truth, his fire will cleanse all, so let it do this today, why wait?
Think on this