Truth And Mercy Action News Reporter Deb In Detroit MI, Reporting On The 4.2 EQ Situation

As many may know about the quake that hit MI st, it was felt all over. I lived in Detroit in the 60's Fun. My dad now dead, was from the city, a wild ride , we had to have the National Guard get us out of our house as the riots broke out and we were the only white family anywhere , I still hold no ill towards anyone, any color. So I have a little history in the area, and it came to the news desk today from our reporter that she felt it, and her glass window broke. She did not say it was later found out to be a baseball, some kids were having a game in the street, they do that in big cities, now the link, thank-you Deb.

4.2 magnitude earthquake hits south of Galesburg, Mich.; felt across a wide area -