Word In Due Time- Follow Me in faith-First Some Words Of Hope-Prov 3:5-6

 Up Date: 4:45 Am
I was just listening again to Paul Washer, the 18 min vid is a few posts down. I wept hard, I was moved, touched challenged.It is to men, but all should take a watch. I still can not believe Paul Washer is a reformed S. Baptist, you would never guess it by what he preaches, powerful, a must listen. Just a few down, also Please if you can, hit the Google Plus 1, it will get seen by many. Help spread the word of this short video and the powerful message of truth.

This word from the sister of Due time, spoke to my heart. Of late the lord has been teaching me in patience, love and mercy this lesson of faith. It is hard to explain, all I do is 100% faith, everything for our lord, the Free College, this site, the herbal school, the Free Herbal clinic, on and on. Things I could never have done if it were not the lords call, power and direction.

I was reflecting on something this early AM. What do you do when the lord has called you to do something, and your doing it, at the same time he is telling you new things he wants you to do, and you wonder how, how can this be. How do you do anything when all seems blocked , but the lord is saying do it and do it NOW! It is the lesson of Prov 3:5-6 this is said in word in due time today, Trust the lord with all our heart,and lean not unto your own understanding, HE will bring it to pass.

Has the lord been telling you things, maybe words from the bible, lessons over and over and over and you wonder why? It is the lord teaching you step by step, no matter what anything looks like, no matter about all the things going on at a fast pace now the lord says, do this, do not do that. The still small voice has never been wrong yet.

I was thinking of a very old simple song I wrote when I was in my early 20's-I was working a stocking job in Wooonsocket R.I. I was feeling down, as a new Christian, only a few years saved since 18, I made a mistake, a sin. I could not grasp after repentance that my sin was cast as far as the East is to the West. I do not remember the whole song, it came to me as I was weeping alone in the stock room. I had no paper but wanted to write the words, I took a large cardboard box, it was flat and wrote the song, Calvary, The words were basically as follows.

I bent my knees unto the lord, Asking forgiveness for the things I had done.
I started to name each one....that's when he said, the words, by my Son you have won.
Your sins are no longer, so why do you weep?
Your inscribed on my palm and this is for keeps.
I said, how can this be done so easily, for me.
That's when he said, the word..Calvary, Calvary.

That simple song, the simple gospel message still burns in my heart for others. Understand, you may have had it hard, you may not be where you would like to be, maybe life has dealt you a raw deal, and you feel worthless, unforgiven, you may think, 'I will never be loved and forgiven like so and so, or do anything of any significance', guess what, I still feel that from time to time, it is the Christian road, it teaches utter dependance on the lord and not self, it is a call to faith, it is the school of Christ.

The lord has been speaking in a tender loving way, he also speaks conviction when needed. He has spoken so many things, I wonder, how can this thing be done in this late hour......Faith. Waiting on the lord in faith, but while we wait we serve him, we praise him and we thank him. A couple posts down, the Paul Washer video, as I heard him talk of giving thanks for a cup of water, that hit me, do I, do we, give thanks for what may be something scarce soon, a cup of water, is a spirit of thanksgiving ringing in our heart while the world is spinning out of control, the answer is yes.

Do not give up, no matter how hard things are, keep looking to the lord, keep praying, keep trusting and have faith in God. He is all that matters now, nothing else.

Now word in due time.

 Follow Me in faith - May 14, 2015

My children, you must follow Me in faith, trusting Me. I will not let you down. I go ahead of you, to show you the way, to make the crooked places straight, the rough places smooth and to open doors at My time, according to My plan and purpose.

Put all your hope and trust in Me and do not lean on your own understanding of how things will work out. Blindly follow Me in faith, every step of the way. Trust Me for who I am and for what I am able to do. I work all things out for good. There is no other way.

Some want to follow Me by sight and not in faith because they do not really know Me. They lack true knowledge and understanding that is why they do not trust Me although they profess that they believe in Me.

Willfully submit to Me and My authority, deny yourselves pick up your cross every day, and not just some days or when you feel like it. It is a daily walk. I am always with you, I will never leave you nor forsake you. My promises do not fail, trust Me. Follow Me in faith, one step at a time.