A Prophecy June 18, 2015

I have already wrote a few times what I am about to say, the lord keeps showing me over and over this.
The Washington Monument being cut in half, breaking, like in Nepal's tower, temple. The same destruction after this I saw as all of D.C's monuments and buildings were destroyed.
The lord said before,"When my bride sees the Washington Monument destruction that is the sign time is short do what you must go where you must, stay where you are trust in me but when you see this take action".

I keep seeing this storm, and an EQ or something after, it is real, it will happen the lord will show the bride and non believers that he is lord he s judge and he still speaks.
Jesus be lifted up on high as King of Kings and lord of lords, he is lord of all, "Great Judgments are coming and on you America they will increase and this is from my hand, not man, my wrath, not man, it is I the lord that is going to show the world who is the one true God". Jehovah God, Jesus Christ, repent today, seek the lord today repent.
If your one of his, fear not