A Video Of A Worm Farm In Yermo-A Word About Homesteading And Herbal Medicine-Survival Issues

Because of the day we live in all I can say is what Proverbs says two times.

'The Prudent (wise) Foresees Danger and hides himself (Prepares) but the fool goes strait ahead and is caught in the snare (trap) Paraphrase accurate to the Hebrew.

Many foresee whats coming, to you I say this, one thing to have as a survival tool , number one is the Holy Bible. Long ago in an audio sermon, Prophetic called, An Urgent Message and Urgent Appeal” I think that was the name? In it the Spirit of the lord said, 'Take bibles, go to thrift stores buy all you can, bury them in different locations for the day comes when the bible will be a book that will cause you persecution'. Do you remember that word? Have you done any of this?

I take very serious the 2015 Prophecy the lord gave me, I am doing all I can to prepare.
I do not have much, but what I do have is now 100% in order, inside and out. I was so blessed sister Deb Lesar bought top of the line herbs for me, wow, many, many herbs. I have been making the herbal medicine I can. I am growing herbs and even some food, indoors in the grow room, office, I have no choice as where I am, unlike inn the video, Larry has shelter, green houses and trees blocking winds. The office is now full of containers I am running out of room.

Have what medical things in a tote, survival things in a place, everything is all set that I can do. The mission has many, many needs, the lord said,' What I do not provide by people, I will provide by miracle when it is a need'. I know this to be true.

In this video, the main reason I am posting it, at the end Larry shows how to start a little worm farm to make castings, I have one, he got me started just as he shows in the video, at the end. Note: Larry is a long time friend, he is into new age stuff a pyramid thing, I have told him of the word, pray for him, he helps so many people.

It is biblical to , hide in the lord, it is biblical to learn, prepare and do what you can do.
The re doing of the free herbal school is a ministry, it is a need. Level one, I pray all reading this would do that one level, home herbalist-or-Survivalist herbalist. Same level one diploma. I am in a deep burden to teach what I know, and to get you reader, in a place where you will know about herbs, this is critical in the day we live in and the days ahead.

Now the video, interesting video watch it , on you tube it is doing OK, 26,061 views, not massive, but not bad. Today it is official, the web sites combined have now reached 500,000 people, I would have never dreamed that would be possible, so amen. I see many from countries I have never heard of reading the good, quality, meat messages, I will never know until I get to heaven the impact the ministries have had on the Global One Hearts. It is the blessing of Heaven, not now.
If you want a free consultation on herbal matters, survival, some basic plans and ideas give me and email or call, I want to help OK.