Controversial Post five -6000 reads To Date- Ayin Dalet- This Year-5575 Or 2015

And Yes from 2012, I guess 2012 had a great need for sound doctrine and truth, more so now reader, I see it everyday, world wide an crises of truth, the holy bride of Christ gets smaller every day, we were today of a great falling away, how much worse is it in 2015 than in 2012, you know when Planet X and other things were in space to kill us, like the new viral one Sept mid a E.L.E. comet, sorry, out of prophetic time line, could it hit if its true, yes, will cause havoc, but not the end yet.

Sunday, February 19, 2012
AYIN Dalet 5774... Our 2014, yet another in The Ayin series, With Much On Sound Doctrine
 Update Jan 10 204 Reader, I posted the whole wrap up of the current AYIN series, and more on Ayin Dalet, In the new post I prove out with many links how what I have written has indeed come to pass 100% see that  it is 10 pages packed with info on how it is all true, see that one at the link below.

 Up Date Sept 12 2013. This message has had thousands of reads, hundreds each day. I have much more detail on the year coming soon. Understand Sept is not the new year as many think, the true dates are found in the holy-Prophet-feast time frame that is not until March-April, so many are flooding this post because many do not understand Sept is the second new year, the one Jehovah called His first month is in March as He told Moses, the Sept  time frame is the civil calender, used for politics, history and kings, not the lords calender, but a man made one. So your looking for 2014 5774, you need to be looking at the Ayin Gamiel, not Dalet, it is 2013 still. Also I have done a lot of work looking at the others in the Ayin series, stats and things to prove so far, all the years have been 100% spot on. I also will be posting this soon I will give the link on this post when done, be looking for the details of the dalet and Gamiel, plus proof that so far, all has come to pass. Indonesia still has the most coming due to an apostate teaching your learning from Neo-Charismatics from the west, the series bares out the truth, you will have to make a choice, go with te false prophets and teachers or the revealed , sound doctrine, truth of this series, the only one on the net, that shows the real deal, sound doctrine, and not mystical Christianity.

As you can see. esp from Indonesia, so far what you have been told has not happened, in fact, Eq's and volcanoes and persecution of true Christian Churches is what you have seen, The volcanoes are ready to blow. Paul said in the last days men will not be able to endure sound doctrine, and there would be a great falling away, not a world wide revival and such, know the word and come to the truth. The later rain teachings, is false, this happens to the Jewish people re read Joel and see. As Acts 2 was the first out pouring, the second is during the half way point of the great trib and at the second coming of Jesus Christ. When the tribulation events in the latter rain out pouring is the events of the end of the  7 year tribulation. All Israel will come to Christ, and they will have the spirit poured on them, that is the correct timing and truth of the bible concerning any end time revival.

So its not 2014, yet. 2014 is when the dalet is bent over, destitute, in need , this will happen as the global economy collapses, and the Judgments of the lord take place on the West as The kings of the East become the new super power, Historically the powers shift from East to West, it is now at the point when the powers, the empire shall shift from West to east. A Great famine is coming and continued birth pains, re read Matt 24, Lk 21, Mk 13 and see the truth.

We are in the birth pains, the earth changes will become much worse, also the word out is Indonesia is in the shape of Nohas ark, an Ark, and using this for the false doctrine being taught, well think of this, have you thought the ARK is a symbol of what the nation always has happen to it, tsunamis, volcanoes, these will increase and maybe most of Indonesia will be under water, a warning man should not have built a nation on such a place. Think on this, and may the lord lead those seeking the where, and the when and understand the WHY. All want to know the future, all want to know when things will happen, and where, the lord wants you to know the WHY, and the WHY is Judgments on the world, and the birth pains increase.

AYIN Dalet 5774... 2014

Represents lowliness and The consciousness of possessing nothing of ones own self

The bent shape of the Dalet symbolizes a needy person who is bent over the word dalet comes from the word dalah it means to draw out or be impoverished. and the root word dalut means poor or impoverished

And so like Ayin Beth meaning wondering, misplacement, homelessness, having nowhere to call home, and the lords tabernacle, presence with those that are his and not called unto wrath, His remnant ones. 2013

Ayin Gamiel to the remnant is strength, its shape like a camel and so we will be given strength, to those under the judgment it means to be captive, under some one else s authority, strength and no power of ones self. 2014

Represents lowleness and The consciousness of possessing nothing of ones own self.

That is the one line, in a nut shell of the word Dalet, Ayin Dalet. 2014.

I have done the whole Ayin series on my PC. To date I posted the Ayin Aleph (Alef)
5771 our 2011
The Ayin Beth (Bet) 5772 our 2012
The Ayin Gamiel, our 2013 5773
Now the Ayin Dalet our 2014 5774

I have read what the Kabbalist teach, the numerologist, and other antichrist insights, as well as the neo-Charisnamatic, manifest sons of God, that's apologetics folks.

My Ayin series is the only one of it's kind I have found on the internet anywhere, and so many think it is false, or incorrect. To date over 3,000 reads on just the Ayin Beth. I was getting hundreds of reads from Indonesia and asked someone from that country please tell me why, you can see under comments some discourse I had with a brother from Indonesia. There is a few big Churches there, Neo-Charismatics teaching of a great revival in 2012 and other things that are all prosperity, goodness, and ..well false prophets and teachers teaching, Peace, Peace, and than comes sudden destruction. I traced the other few sites that have anything on the Ayin years and what they say, and all ,100% all are saying the peace, peace, great revival, and great revelations, manifestations ahead. These are the same false prophets, in spirit, that spoke when Jeremiah spoke concerning the coming captivity and Judgment on Gods people at the hands of Babylon.

Please do a search for yourself and you will see all I am saying is fact and all true, verify for yourself.

It will be up to you to choose what the truth is, and discern among a false word, false prophet, teacher and the word of God. In my series and in my writings I have dealt with critics, called crazy, laughed to scorn, persecuted, no one wants anything to do with me, in my town and places on the net, I have become known as the doomsday Prophet. Number one I do not claim to be a prophet, just a humble watchman. One of my gifts is in prophecy, but I am not a prophet, a watchmen and prophet are two different calls. Only Ezekiel was called a watchmen. The only one in all of the Holy word of God. Watchmen are to be the local, or International pastors, teachers. This is a pastors job, to watch against wolves in sheep clothing, warn of false doctrine, and declare in humility, with boldness the whole counsel of God. It is not popular today. People what Gospel light, a soothing word, they want to be told they will come out fine, they will have no problems, all will return to normal, they will reach all their dreams and goals, and it is a doctrine of Painless Christianity, Paul said in the end times men would do this, they would not be able to endure sound doctrine and go looking for teachers teaching what they want to hear, and not what the word or the lord is saying to this generation.

Just go to You tube, search the video I posted 3 times, Wake Up Church, look at the amount of green likes and the red dislikes, you will be amazed, I was. The overwhelming percent of dislikes, actually attributes to the truth of the video, that the church is disliking truth and needs to wake up and repent. The dislikes gives the full pitcher of what people want to hear, and it is not wake up Church, other blogs and preachers like this one. It is the day we live in and the in your face, no disputing why Judgment begins in the house of God, and why Judgment is upon America and the west right now. The foolish man speaks all that is his heart, as proverbs says, and in the foolishness one can discern the tree if it is bearing good fruit or bad fruit, you will know a man, his teaching, his ministry, by the fruit, not the gifts or talents.

So, in the Ayin series, you are hearing what the word says concerning the meaning of the word, and mostly from just the Hebrew, and a strong s concordance, with spiritual insight. Not what the Kabbalist teach, and false prophets using false prophecy, dreams and gamatra,/ Gematra, numerology. The Church has widely accepted this number system, it is from the Kabbal, Jewish Mystics, those that say they are Jews and are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan, they are called lucifarians, and yet most in pre- trib rapture camps use it to try and seduce, its all biblical, IT IS NOT, know the source, look where it came from, where was it started it, and than who is teaching it, most is on Apostate T.V. ministries, almost all adhere to this new wave of doctrine, and interpretation, mostly to find false loops holes to back up their false teaching, and also everyone is trying to crack bible codes, secret meanings, because people want to know what is ahead. Be warned of this dear reader, be well aware of all this, and be on your watching post , in prayer and the word of God, solo scripture.

So, the Ayin series, I hope and pray, those who have ears can hear and those with eyes can see. I will simply feed the sheep and let the goats butt each other to hell. LOL.
A precious preacher I knew in his 80's used to say that line a lot, it has always stuck with me, and has come alive in my older age.

I can not say, but what I have learned, you, dear reader have your own views, doctrinal belief system, thoughts concerning the last days, and as long as they are not apostate, it is good, for no one, not me, not you, not anyone on earth, can say they are 100% correct about everything, or that they have a corner on truth, I am only a man of God, that tries and fails, repents and moves on, This one thing I do, I no longer look behind, but I look ahead, It has almost become my personal anthem, hay, that's a good song title, Personal anthem, I will write a song on that, thanks Dan. LOL.

I know it all sounds doom and gloom, and to many it is, Judgment is Doom and gloom to those under judgment, what can I say, If your truly one of His, you are a remnant Believer, the lords Judgment is not concerning His faithful ones, no, no, no. His love, mercy, compassion, is all over you, we have a loving father, He knows those who are His, and if you are one of them, you will be feed in famine, He will be your hiding place, like the Church Of Philadelphia in Revelations CH 3, I wrote on, we, like them will have an open door, and we will be kept in safety in the lords hiding place, when the hour of full judgment comes. The lord will not abuse his bride , never.

So 2014, sounds like the proper progression so far, if you read the others on the Ayin series, you can see the truth, the progression of what is ahead, and not in great detail, but some little specifics, its a walk of faith, we never know the road we travel on, just where and when it will end.

2014- 5774

Represents lowliness and The consciousness of possessing nothing of ones own self

What can I say, its what it means, as Ayin Beth means wandering, losing all, etc, we shall see.

One last note, I may have mentioned, I post so much and minister on other sites, places, I forget what I wrote. Lol.

2011 started on March 11.( 2011 ) is a leap year and so we have a 13 month year. The