How To Form A House Church and When by Edgar Reich- Very Short Video- A Must Hear

Edgar Reich, from sermon index, the best place for sound doctrine, the link to the place is to the right, also remember, the tab up top on the bar that says 'great old sermons', click that and take a listen to great sermons, sound doctrine, look beloved, sound doctrine is still out there, you just have to know where to go, and sermon index is number one by far with thousands of sermons, so anyone can get sound doctrine anytime, and avoid the false, stuff and twisted stuff mostly on You Tube. These vids are on You Tube, and sermon index is on You tube, On my site my only page I link to and show is sermon index, many words, great for non-full gospel, and full gospel as well, so that is that. Are you hungry for truth? Do you need to learn the basics, I recommend you go daily to sermon index and fill your self with sound doctrine, also much bible study, study, study, study, pray often this is all there is to it, add serving to that, and this is the simple real deal.

Salvation is a simple thing, so simple many can not grasp it, if your a seeker, you will never understand the bible until you are born again, after you will , as your spiritual eyes will be open, and the greatest teacher in the world will be with you, the Holy Spirit , your teacher, your guide, your comfort, and convector, and intercessor.( See Romans Ch 8; The H.S. Intercedes, only place found in the N.T. ) It s time to get into the real deal, sound doctrine, salvation, the bible, prayer and serving the lord.

This video and the next one are about home churches. Many have  home churches-Micro Churches, it is what is going on with those who are sick of the condition of most Churches. Our Church has a large space, but it is a home-Micro church.

I am working on two new free e-books, the commentary on Galatians going well, but I am working on one with urgency, the holy spirit told me clearly the need for the new free book, a How To, of sorts, on a home churches-Micro churches and what a N.T. simple fellowship will look like, be like and full of help and ideas. I have planted many ministries, now days , it is a new ball game, and a new thing is happening, a remnant is being prepared and coming together all over the world in home and micro-Churches, these will be the Churches that will stand and endure, and minister after the collapse of America. It will also be the ones with much persecution. The book deals with many things I have faced, you have faced, and a chapter on current Home Churches under attack, and Christian persecution in America going on now, and what is coming.