Pray For Us Please

My wife suffers on, and on, pray she is touched and healed.
My request is odd with the post below this one.
Pray, just pray, if you can, tell others.
The Bible College and New Herbal School, is flat lined, pray the lord brings students, the ministry needs this, we need this. Esp the 911 herbal diploma this is a great course for the SHTF (STUFF) medical 911- herbal use , it is a real need, I have long had a burden to teach others herbal Medicien, the time is short for both of these, please pray for them, and this ministry, that it continues to reach the world for Jesus.

Still in the eye of the storm mode, all is quiet, all is still, this is an odd thing I wrote about, it continues, all on- line activity for me, is almost all flat lined, very odd. I have said over and over, it is so close you can feel it, now you can see it and feel it. The lord keeps coming in power, maybe He wants this time for more prayer, the word, and this site. Heed the trumpet blast today, heed the lords voice. Prepare, be ready, no fear, have faith, be ready for anything, I am still with my people, fear not.
Thank-you for your prayers
Dr.Dan Abaldo