The Free Bible College First Valedictorian Message-Plus New Short Video

This month end  the first full year of the free bible college being accredited.
I thought when I was preparing the end of School year newsletter to have a valedictorian chosen and say something, this is it, student from Nigeria, Africa . At the end just did this vid today, short about college see that.

The Dean, Dr Danny Louis Abaldo,
The Board of Trustees,
The heads of faculties and departments,
Professors and Doctors,
Clerics and Ministers in God’s Vineyard,
Distinguish Ladies and Gentlemen,
All other Protocols Observed.

I greet you all in the name of our Lord and savior JESUS CHRIST, who in his mercy has been graceful unto us his ministers and children at large to celebrate life of existence, and to be formally part of learning, directly and indirectly in this great institution of academic learning in religious studies and demonstration of biblical truth, mysteries and prowess.

Ability is geared towards success and all information is for effect, either positively or negatively. The source of our learning here in this school of advanced ministry studies has grown our knowledge to meet the world’s standard of Christian basic education and view, advanced education and direct mentoring from the dean, either by mail or via telephone access and this stands in regards to the mandate of our Lord Jesus Christ. The TRUTH AND MERCY INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED MINISTRY STUDIES which has officially been in existence for 4 years has carved a niche for herself and has produced great doctors, professors of learning and academics in which I am privileged to be verily part of.

Christian education has taken the front seat row in the world and has its knowledge imparted into the followers of Christ, thereby delegating the real gospel of the kingdom of God and eternity with God as well; this has put into the dean through his mandate by God in the establishment and organizing the curriculum of studies in his knowledge of 40years in ministry and the spirituality he shares with God.


Truth and mercy institute for advanced ministry studies, an online based school of great knowledge has in it basic course studies proven to affect every sphere of human and Christian life, readily preparing every committed student to the challenges and commitment of a great leader in the Christendom to the world. The world grows into greater knowledge and secular scientists drags the integrity of God and his church into the mud by countering the realities following suit the miraculous wonders of God and his creation; in this regards, great institutions in the world in which our great TRUTH AND MERCY INSTITUTE FOR ADVANCED MINISTRY STUDIES belongs to by grace of what they offer in quality education, has proven beyond every reasonable doubt that Christian education has come to stay and the knowledge of rightly dividing the word shall pierce into the dying world in order to depopulate the kingdom of hell and populate the kingdom of God, which is the sole responsibility of every Christian.

The school which is basically FREE stands to teach, mentor, correct, reprove and direct every committed student, just like I was affected in this manner; also ready to welcome new committed student into the school, that the vision of God will not die and that the gate of hell stands not to prevail against any odd, but enhancing every sense of evangelism which we shall stand to give account to God on personal commitment to his kingdom.

Remember what Apostle Paul said to Timothy, a youth in the ministry, “Study to show thyself approved unto the Lord…”. It is a command and a responsibility to put in our best in the study of the principles of the Christian ministry, which are found in this great college and I am a witness to it. Every bible based principle is profitable for the ministry exercise and as such demands fervent study to reach the top. Also remember that as soldiers of Christ, we do not apply the principles and distractions of the world to our studies but being committed in every sense to reach the mark of a quality Christian student in a great institution.

I pray for more grace unto the dean of the school, the board of trustees and every student present in this school, the grace of exploit in ministry and its adventures shall remain with everyone, serving and intending service officers.

God bless you all.

Dr Makua Royal U. Okafor (D.min.)


  1. Thank you so much Brother for such an eloquent testimony. May the Lord bless you!


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