Update On July Revival-The Doors Are Open-Fund Drive- Three Things Needed

The Revival is still on for July 18-19, I pray some come this year, It will be a great time in the lord.
I asked a couple times for help and not one responded. I prayed and feel It is time to try this another way, a second fund drive.
Over 2 years ago I had a fund drive 80% of what the mission needed was obtained, by many small gifts, and giving, boxes etc. Those that have been around a while know of this, most are gone, the two or so I know of are still coming. Both have given.
The Mission must get three items.

1. A Bucket to access the deep well on the grounds-Deb from Nevada gave me a lot of information on how,ways to access the water -Many of the DIY's the cost to make them  would be more than buying a water boy well bucket around 90.00. This is the number one need, no water at all anywhere in this barren isolated Desert. Great place for whats coming, and the doors are open beloved.

2.Medical supplies, bandages, a cot, sheets, sheets are used from many, many medical things, plain old sheets.

3. More Bulk Rice and Beans

That will do it.

If each person that comes to this site often just gave 5, 10, 15 each, we could obtain these must have items tomorrow.
No Gift is to small.You will be giving to a mission, thus your mission giving.

I pray and hope this mini fund drive will see these needs obtained.

I do not think anyone will respond, it would be great to say PTL at the top of my mouth amen.
Bless you, and the lord will return to you what you give. This I know.

I end with what I wrote, the doors are open, if you want to come to the mission, a temporary safe place, or are in need, the phone number and email are on the site.

If you are near Yermo and want to learn herbs and survival things, call and lets get together, it is time to come together beloved, this the lord has said over and over.

If you need prayer, or any help at all, questions, please call or email me, I am on earth to minister. 

The lord bless you reader and let the holy spirit speak to your heart.

All receipts will be shown. 


I will post pics and links to what we need



$85 – 2-inch Super Slim Line Water Boy

20 pounds under 9.00 need 5 100 pounds

Pinto Beans Local Market around 12.00 8 Pound Bag-As many as can get-goal 100 pounds-50 pounds  aprox -60.00

Various bandages and other medical supplies cheaper to buy separate like dollar store, I tried dollar store the band aids would not stick, you get what you pay for. the wraps and braces and a few items Ok . Aprox 100.00
I have said before sheets any kind sheets are multi Use band aids and medical uses, sling, turnaquet so many things I would choos sheets cloth alone tape and a assortment of med larg guaze patches or rolls.