Wisdom Of The Poor Despised, Wisdom Better Than Might- A thought Provoking Message-Plus A Prophetic Free Flow

Small Talk-Free Flow ;

Small Talk-

We live in a day and age, when all many do is like small talk, small things.

WE live in a day and age, when so few open their hearts to others, so you keep in the hurt and just have, Small Talk.

We live in a day and age, where few come to the lord in fervent, hot, prayer, and so the lord hears our short, shallow, dead prayer, that is no more than Small Talk.

We live in a day and age, where husband and wives are losing the unity, the love, and so they sit in easy chairs and just have small talk.

Half Of-

WE live in a day and age, when many no longer speak truth; in fear or no compassion they speak half of honest words.

We live in a day and age, the masses that used to love the lord whole hearted and have lost their first love and only offer half of the love they once had.

Small Faith-

We live in a day and age, when the world sees the Christian worse than them, because the Church has small faith.

We live in a day and age, man is in great fear, yet there is a place to go and it is neglected due to small faith.

We live in a day and age, many look at the bible promises and discount themselves from the lord's love and privilege due to small faith.

Beloved; we are in days that many have cold hearts, empty souls, we only have, half of , any faith , that is now small, and so we move and live in a world of small talk.

May this free flow prophecy speak to who needs to read it.


 Wisdom Of The Poor Despised, Wisdom Better Than Might- A thought Provoking Message.

Ecc 9:14 It happened when a powerful ruler surrounded and attacked a small city where only a few people lived. The enemy army was getting ready to break through the city walls.

Ecc 9:15 But the city was saved by the wisdom of a poor person who was soon forgotten.

Ecc 9:16 So I decided that wisdom is better than strength. Yet if you are poor, no one pays any attention to you, no matter how smart you are.

Ecc 9:17 Words of wisdom spoken softly make much more sense than the shouts of a ruler to a crowd of fools.

Ecc 9:18 Wisdom is more powerful than weapons, yet one mistake can destroy all the good you have done.

The wisdom of the poor seems to be almost never heeded. This world we live in says, ' what's your track record, how many people are in your ministry, what kind of car do you drive, what kind of house do you have, how blessed are you', all this is the flesh, yet many look to large mega churches, million dollar homes, and think, the minister must be doing something right, look how blessed he is, look..., if you measure a man, ministry, person, by what they have, own and such, your in delusion, the lord looks at none of these things, man does, but not the lord, our lord had nowhere to lay his head, he slept outside, under the stars he created, later killed on a tree he grew, the whole world was his, but he had no fancy mansion, 'silver and gold have we none', said John and Peter, but the power of the lord fell, and the cripple healed.

I have learned from experience these many years, as a preacher living in poverty, few listen, unless your blessed in finances, many look on a small Church as a cult, today it is the other way around, the bigger the church, the more apostate, as sound doctrine will not fill a mega church.

I am not saying you must be in poverty to be blessed of the lord, there are some true Christians, who have been called to be entrusted with great wealth, others have a call to poverty, there are many different people the lord uses, being poor, or in poverty, does not make you more sound, or more saved, its a call. To take up your cross and deny self also does not mean you will have a life filled with need, lack, and such, again different call for different people.

The main message in this all is wisdom, not might, not power, but the spirit of the lord is how we become God pleasers, as we rely 100% on Him and Him alone.

So, we have this parable of a poor man, no one heeded him, came to him for advice, but when the rubber meet the road it was this poor mans wisdom that delivered the place, and than he was forgotten, do not expect any pats on the back no matter what you do, our crown is given in glory, beware when all men speak well of you, we are called to please the lord, not man.

Wisdom is more powerful than a mighty army, we are told not to trust in military might, an abundant of chariots, or horses, today, planes, jets, Ship's, tanks, missiles, drones what ever, we are told not to place our trust-hope in military might, our victory comes from the lord, not by a military, or man, but the lord who is our fortress.

Wisdom is better than rubies, better than gold, or silver, in all your getting, get wisdom as the fear of the lord is the beginning of knowledge and wisdom. In the West we know little of Eastern thought, in Hebrew and Greek, we have no English words that can bring out the riches and deep things of the English bible, and this is why we must learn, read the original Greek ad Hebrew, understand the way it was is bible times, a good solid study on bible customs, and Jewish life and ancient war, will be of great use to understand the different way of thinking and speaking, understanding the word of the lord.

Wisdom is available to all who ask in Faith as James Ch 1 tells us, we must not waver in our faith, but wait until the answer comes. Waiting in holy silence , silence itself is a forgotten art now days, people talk so much, seldom let others get a word in, and have no listening skills, yet again in James, we read, 'we are to be, slow to speak, slow to anger, but quick to hear', somehow we have it all backwards, this should not be the case.

Wisdom can deliver a city, the prudent-Wise- see trouble ahead and hides himself, ( Makes Himself ready ) the simple just pass on ahead and are taken in a snare, a trap. O' how we need wisdom, and the best way, is to study the word of our lord. Pray for wisdom and have faith the lord will give it.

The problem is, we pray, ask the lord to bless our plans, and we forget to wait on him , listen to the spirit, the word, and see what the lords will is, and not just to bless what we pray for, want, or even need, his ways are not our ways and His thought are not our thoughts, his ways at times are past finding out, in simple , silent wisdom, we speak little, as Proverbs says, 'even a fool is considered wise, if he speaks few words', we have a texting, IM'ing, internet, phone generation, that has lost the human touch, and has lost the ability to stop, listen, ponder, think and than speak, this is the way of wisdom, may we, the body of Christ learn this now, we will need it more than ever in the hard days ahead.