I had A Bad Fall Last Night Need Prayer

I had a very, very, bad fall, around 3 feet, could not break fall with wrests, tried with my bad left hand, the wrest is sprained, deep injury to 2 ribs and bruised a third. I am treating it as an herbalist.
The fact is many rib injuries last a life time.
If it hurts this bad, may be off to the ER.
The pain is beyond belief, it hurts to type that is all I can do.
Thank you for your prayers 
Medical FYI:
Rib injury, you listen, as I did with a stethoscope to lungs, to check for wheezing as that could be, or can become, a broken rib. 
You no longer wrap rib injuries.
It will last 4-6 weeks of no activity,  the ER sends you home with a do nothing slip and a few pain pills, herbal topical, and internal. Turmeric, Cayenne, cramp bark. All external and internal.